Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Crawling Cutie!!!

Today we had a great time at church! Alegria and I got to sing fun songs in Primary, Abilehi received two callings, and I got a cute brand-new turquoise scripture bag for free from a table that had some that were up for grabs! YAY for free stuff! Also, everyone kept telling me how cute Alegria was! Can you blame them?

Back in Kentucky, Cameron got back from a five-day mission-filled training out in the field. He learned how to actually drive a tank this time (previously he had learned how to command the troops driving them). He also told me that this time around, he slept on the tank's engine underneath a blanket of stars! It sounds pretty cool (to me anyway), but truth be told, when Cameron called me tonight before he headed off to bed, he was grateful to have a soft mattress to sleep on.

For everyone's information, as of Friday afternoon, Alegria is crawling the real way! She'd started to kind of scoot and lunge and sit and pivot her way to where she wanted to go, but she finally started crawling on her hands and knees right before we went to Earth Fest on Friday evening! I took a video on my phone and sent it to Cameron so he could be the first one to see her crawl, and now that he has seen his little princess in action, I'm letting the world see! Here's the short video that I took on my phone of Alegria crawling today before I put her pajamas on:

Exciting, huh?! Since Friday I've been having to be even more careful of where she goes and what she does! I bought some outlet covers to prevent Alegria from electrocuting herself, but I need more!

Anyway. That was pretty much our day today!!! We'll see what tomorrow brings!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Big 3-0!!!

Today I celebrated 30 years of life...what a great day!

It started off with Cameron calling me at about 5 in the morning to sing me Happy Birthday. After singing to me he told me he knew he wouldn't be the first one to call me today, that my family probably already called to sing to me, but that he still wanted to call in the morning to start my day off. Well, it turns out that he WAS the first to call! So he was happy that he beat everyone to it! :)

Most of the rest of the day, I got to spend with just Alegria. Since she had started crawling "for real" yesterday, she spent the day practicing her new skill and I spent it following after her. I also gave her lots of hugs and kisses, like I usually do! What more could a mother want? A quiet day at home with her child and filled with love! (Well, if Cameron had been home, too, that would have been PERFECT, but I knew he was thinking of me as he was out in the field.) In fact...

I thought Abilehi had her lunch time at 12:30, so I was planning on coming by to see her and bringing some Midnight Truffle from Dairy Queen so we could have a yummy afternoon treat during her break. So I texted her to make sure, but it turns out that she called me at noon, when it was already her lunch time and she only had 30 minutes to eat, so that wouldn't give Alegria and me time enough to drive out to the library and pick up the yummy dessert and have it with her. It was lucky for me, though, because as soon as I got off the phone with Abilehi, the doorbell rang and when I went to go get it, there was a delivery man there with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for me! I wasn't expecting anything since Cameron had been out in the field since Wednesday! I was so in shock and the message was so sweet that I teared up. He had to order them beforehand and he sure did, to make sure I knew he was thinking of me even though he had to work and was away from me. The note from him read, "For my wife on her special day. You bring me Joy, Happiness, Peace, and Comfort. God be thanked for letting you be a part of my life now and forever." I love Cameron so very much! He is more than I had ever dreamed of! He's the best husband and father and friend and I'm so lucky to have him for Eternity. :)

I also received many phone calls from family and friends (a few when I was trying to nap, but that was A-OK!). It was great to know that so many people care for me and love me! Abilehi got off of work at 5 and returned home to find me feeding Alegria some veggies. And she had brought home two Midnight Truffles blasts from Dairy Queen!!! YUM! We ordered a pizza and dug into those icy treats. Then we had a fun time eating yummy chocolate cake! Yes, cake FOR dinner since our pizza hadn't arrived yet! Then the pizza arrived and we munched on that.


It would have been the perfect day if Cameron had been home to celebrate with us! :)

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