Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

The morning dawned brisk and cool.  The girls and I got up and got ready and went to visit our friend, Kira for a little bit.  Afterwards, we came home and had some lunch, I filled out my absentee ballot (...and not a moment too soon!  Five minutes after I set it out on our mailbox, the postman picked it hour sooner than he normally picks up/drops off mail!).

Oh, happy day!  We got a letter from Cameron!!!  (Thank you, Mr.'re my new best friend!!!)  There was a letter for me, a drawing for Alegria, and a drawing for Odette!!!  There was NO WAY anything could put a damper on our day now!!!  :)

Our friend, Emmy showed up a few minutes later with a yummy loaf of pumpkin bread for us!!!  YUMMY!!!  Wow...what an absolutely great day so far!!!  :)  She stayed and visited for a little bit...always fun!!!  :)

At 1, we all left.  Emmy went on her way and Odette and I took Alegria to school.  Then Odette and I came home for naps.  Did I mention yet how great of a day this has been...?!  :)

At 3:30, Odette and I went and got Alegria from school, then we filled the Jeep up with gas, and we headed over to the mall.  I had a Victoria's Secret coupon that expired today...and I did NOT want to miss out!!!  :)  We got to Vicki's, I made a purchase and used my coupon *angel choruses singing---enter here!* and we came back home.  :)

The girls and I had dinner and then we all got dressed up!!!  Even though Alegria had jumped back and forth between wanting to be a doctor, a witch, a cat, or a princess, she finally decided on her very first choice...Doc McStuffins!  And Odette chose to be Nurse Hallie, Doc McStuffin's assistant, rather than a cat or a cowgirl.  :)  I dressed up as a bunny.  :)  Yes, I even had a tail!!!  :)

With their pumpkins...ready to go trick-or-treating!!!

As soon as we stepped out the door, Odette came almost face-to-face with a scary goblin...and started screaming and wanting to go back in the house!  Hahaha!  I had to chase her down and pick her up and start walking with her in my arms to calm her down.  After a few minutes, she was ready to venture on her own, following in her big sister's footsteps:

After an hour and twenty minutes and having zig-zagged our way down four blocks of houses, Alegria FINALLY said that her feet were hurting.  By then I'd already been carrying Odette AND both of their pumpkins for a while and I was tired, too, AND we'd trick-or-treated at every house we'd come to, so we called it a night and came home.  It was only 7:33 and there was still candy in the two bins I'd set out on our front porch, so I left them out there for any late trick-or-treaters and the girls and I relaxed, had some candy, and watched a Halloween cartoon called, "Spookley the Square Pumpkin."

Then it was into pajamas, brushing teeth, and counting down another day til Daddy comes home for good!  :)

We sure missed Daddy this Halloween...but we love him and are thinking of him and know he's thinking of us...and having gotten a letter from him was just as perfect as it could be without him actually being here!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!!!  We hope it was a safe and happy day for all!!!  

Good night!!!  :)

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