Thursday, December 31, 2009

It Works!

Waking up is so hard to do:

Daddy sure has a good way to get you up and going, though...or better yet...down...? :)

Cameron and Moroni working on the garage door opener while Papi is with Abilehi at the DMV, signing over her car's title to her:

Playing in the back with Isis:

Back inside, coloring:


Alegria found Almalia's shoes and put them on all by proud:

Awww! Sweet! :)

More progress:

Just relaxing:

Sporting Abilehi's hoodie:

Alegria: "You'll have to talk louder...I can't hear you through this hoodie!"

Alegria: "...GOOSE! You're it!"

Relaxing with Abuelita:

And finally, after a few not completely successful attempts, the garage door opener works!

I'm so excited that now I don't have to get out of the car to open and close the garage door! Woo-hoo!!! :) Great job, Cameron, Papi, and Moroni! :)

I then started on lunch while Alegria played with her Aunt Abilehi and Aunt Almalia:

Apparently, this is more fun than a rocking horse...oh, the places you'll go!

At lunch, Almalia put her ear muffs on Alegria:

Then it was time for Alegria to take a nap, but my family had to head back home, so she made the rounds and gave everyone goodbye kisses before heading off to dream land:

Goodbye, BerRioses! It was sure fun having you come play! Thanks for driving the 5 hours to come see us! We love you and hope you come again soon! :)

Later on in the evening, we had the Hawkins over for New Year's dinner. Andrea brought the main dish, Stroganoff, which Cameron had requested, and I made all the rest. We sure had a fun time eating, talking, and playing games...and then we watched The Ball drop in New York City via the tv. That was 11 pm our time...but it was late enough for us and that's how we rung in the New Year. :)

Good night, everyone! See you all in the New Year!!! :)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


As we were playing in her bedroom this morning, Alegria started "talking" on her phone and when I asked who she was talking to, it sounded like she said "Josh!" So I asked again in order to capture the moment on still kind of sounds like she says "Josh," though not as much as the first time:

And here she is signing "frog" and "juice:"

Here she is being silly:

Daddy was home early again today, so we enjoyed some time outside since it was a nice day. First we played in the backyard, where Alegria, of course, could not keep her hands off of Isis's bone:

Then we went to the front and played some more. I was chasing her around the truck and "surprising" her on the opposite side of where she was headed:

I wish this picture hadn't come out so blurry, but I still just had to include's so cute and fun!

Cameron and I had an appointment on Post to write up a Power of Attorney so that I have ABSOLUTE POWER over any and all decisions to be made whenever Cameron is unavailable. So we dropped Alegria off at Josh's house and headed over there.

My parents and youngest siblings were driving up from Orange Grove at the time and we weren't expecting them until after 4, but they showed up early, so it was a lucky thing I had thought ahead and left a key hidden for them. Since they were early, the headed over to see Abilehi at the library while they waited for us to come home.

Finally, Cameron and I were done, we picked Alegria up (Thanks, Andrea! Alegria had fun playing with Little Man!), and we came home.

When my family showed up, it was all fun and games. Here's Alegria coloring with Mami and Almalia:

In the meantime, the men worked in the garage on getting the garage door opener installed:

We ordered pizza for dinner and here Alegria's bringing me the drink we also ordered. I wish I had gotten a was so funny to see her struggle with the heavy 2-liter bottle! My, she just loves doing things herself!

She discovered a new bag and decided to play with it:

Showing off her riding skills:

Almalia: "Mami! She won't give me my purse back!"

Almalia, you're not the baby it's your turn to give Alegria, the new baby, everything she you must suffer what everyone else went through with you! ;)

Alegria: "Hahaha! I am now all powerful! Now I can take over the world!"

Almalia: "It's a good thing you're cute."

Alegria: "Talk to the hand."

Writing on Alegria's coloring toy:

At bedtime, Alegria gave everyone good night kisses before going to bed:

Then we spent the rest of the night hanging out, talking, and watching movies. It was great!

Now off to bed!

Good night! :)

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