Monday, May 31, 2010

Corn on the Cob

Today was a perfect day to be outside! Grandma, Grandpa, and I worked and Alegria played:

Playing on the tractor (as long as it's not turned on!):

Running free as a bird in the pasture:

Stealing Grandpa's hat as he brings the tarp to place under the porch swing:

While Grandma worked on the lawn and Grandpa worked on the front porch, I stained the porch swing that had been weathered and stripped of most of its paint. I was able to finish most of it by the time I absolutely had to go inside and get Alegria to nap. I took a nap, too, and at about 3:30, Grandma came to wake me up so that we could go to the mall to get pedicures. YAY!

It had been so long since I'd had a pedicure! In fact, the last time I got a pedicure was when we were still in Montana and I was pregnant with Alegria! Boy, was I due for a pedicure! It sure felt nice to be pampered! I wish I could get a pedicure every month!

Apparently, Alegria did well with just Grandpa and Kellen while Grandma and I were away...thank goodness!

When we got back, we played while Grandma got dinner ready.

Alegria discovered that the side table is just her size:

At dinner, Alegria had something she'd never had before...corn on the cob! She liked it... first, but then she didn't want anything to do with it. Fickle child!

After dinner, she tried putting a diaper on Big Bear:

And then once I had her ready for bed and I was getting ready myself, Alegria was looking at Daddy's picture and kissing it...and then I noticed her signing "I love you!" She can't spread her fingers to form the "I" "L" and "U" necessary to sign "I love you," but we've been practicing and I could tell that was what she was intending to do! Luckily, she did it for me again to get a video of it! What a sweet little girl!

Now she's in bed and I'm off to write to Cameron.

I hope you've all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, thinking about not only those brave soldiers who died for our sake, but also remembering those loved ones who have passed on before us.

Have a good night!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Equine Beautician

This morning I got Alegria ready first and then as I was getting ready myself, I came upon Alegria playing beauty salon with Cyrus!

You are such a good hairstylist, Alegria!

After Church and a nap, we chilled. Here's Alegria having some goldfish and juice for a snack:

And I actually got a picture of the two of us! It seems there are hardly any of these, so find yourself lucky! It's a novelty! ;)

Now we're off to the same night-time routine!

Good night!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Visiting the Graves

It's a tradition in the Fullmer family to visit the graves of loved ones on Memorial Day weekend. In the past, when Cameron and I lived in Montana, this consisted of going to Rexburg on Saturday, and then heading over to Star Valley that evening, where we'd stay until Sunday evening and then come home. And then Monday would be spent on yardwork in preparation for the summer and hopefully nicer, sunnier weather that would help the flowers and trees bloom!

Well...being that we have Alegria with us and traveling is difficult for a little one to begin with...and the added knowledge that Kellen's and Britney's wedding is so close at hand, we discussed it and decided that this year, we'd make it a one-day trip.

So this morning I woke up and got ready, hoping Alegria would sleep through my showering and getting dressed, but such was not the case. She woke up at about 6 when I got up, but thankfully, she was in a good mood and played patiently as I got ready. Then I got her ready and the rest of her stuff in her diaper bag. We were out the door at 7...right on time!

Since Grandpa had been out of town and needed to return his rented vehicle, he had gone on before us and was waiting at a McDonald's when we arrived. We ordered some food and then headed on our way. Alegria loved the hotcakes! Thank goodness she's old enough now that she's a pretty good eater and didn't make much of a mess!

At the beginning of our trip, it snowed:

Then it was windy and a little drizzle-y, but that didn't stop us from getting out and decorating the graves! Even Alegria enjoyed being in on the action and even signed "water" to me, telling me that the flowers we were decorating with were also being watered!

What a patriotic cutie!

Helping Grandma:

Posing behind Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Fullmer's gravestone:

After visiting Grandma and Grandpa Fullmer's graves, we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Allen's graves, but it was raining more by then and Alegria and I stayed in the car.

Then we went to have lunch at Applebee's...YUM!!! Alegria was really tired by then, so in order to keep her in a good mood, Aunt Carrol kept walking with her and showing her the various pictures on the walls until the server brought out Alegria's food (we had the server bring her food out as soon as possible, no waiting for our food!)...and then when she had had her fill, I walked with her and showed her all of the pictures time and again. :)

Finally, we were on our way back to Bozeman. Alegria and I were able to nap in the car, so I was happy about that!

Back home, it was play time as usual:

And then it was bath time. When Alegria got out of the tub, her feet made imprints in the rug and I thought they were so tiny and adorable! :)

Now, after a long day of travel, Alegria is off to bed and as soon as I've written Cameron a letter, I'll be heading off to dreamland myself!

Good night!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Rainy Day Fun

We had another rainy day today, so Alegria and I just chilled at home.

In the morning, Alegria practiced her piano:

In the afternoon, Alegria and I ventured out to the Montana State University (MSU) Bookstore and had fun browsing all of the little trinkets there, trying to find little games and toys and candies to send to Daddy in a care package. Not only is our anniversary on Tuesday, but it's also Memorial Day this weekend and the men should be getting back from the field (or as they put it, being "in the box") on June 4th, so I assume that from then until it's time to come home, there will be a lot of down time as they get ready to leave, so I figured sending him a care package with games and stuff to do and munch on might be fun!

After I'd found a lot of stuff to send, Alegria and I then went to the Post Office. However; not only had I just used up some of my cash paying for parking at the MSU Bookstore, so I was short on the amount I needed to send the package, but I also forgot that they don't take credit or debit cards...and then I also read a sign there that said that they only take local checks! Being that our checks are from Texas, that just wasn't going to fly! So I called Cameron's mom and luckily, she was able to call back and find out my dilemma and then even come and bail me out! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lynn!!!

Phew! Now hopefully Cameron will get the package by Tuesday!

Once done with that, Alegria and I went back home and took a nap.

In the evening, Alegria played with some salt dough that Grandma had made for us to occupy ourselves on this rainy day...FUN!!! :)

Poor Alegria still has a little bit of a runny nose. I don't know if it's from the weather that changes so drastically all the time and if that's made her sick...or if she's acquired allergies like I did when I first came to Montana. I sure hope she feels better soon, though!

When we finally went upstairs to get ready for bed, Alegria did the cutest thing! As I was about to put her pajamas on, she started "talking" on my phone...supposedly to her friend, Josh! But gets cuter! Then she had "Cyrus" talk on the phone, too! :)

Too cute!!! it's off to bed and letter-writing!

Good night!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

So Loving!

This morning we went to a baby shower for a lady we didn't know. However; I knew most of the ladies that attended, and that was my biggest reason for socialize with all of the ladies from my old congregation that I hadn't seen in two years! We had a great time chatting upstairs and Alegria made some new friends as they all played downstairs:

It was Addiction Recovery night, so Alegria and I hung out with Kellen and Britney while Grandma and Grandpa were away. As we adults were talking, Alegria put her coat and hat on all by herself!

Soon she'll get it right and start dressing herself, I'm sure!

When Grandma and Grandpa got home, Grandma immediately went back to working on the quilt and Alegria was happy to help!

Finally, I stole Alegria away from Grandma in order to give her a bath. In her bath, she was being such a good little mother and covering up a bear doll in her washcloth like a baby, telling me to "sush" because the bear was sleeping!

I can't wait to see how Alegria will be with her new little sister, Odette! :)

Have a good night!

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