Tuesday, December 25, 2012



Cameron and I are such little kids!  Hahaha!!!  

Last night we stayed up late, watching TV and getting all of the last Christmas preparations done.  Then he ended up falling asleep as I straightened my hair while watching a show.  I was done a little before midnight and put everything away, finally waking him up at midnight with a little kiss and a "Merry Christmas!"  We went to our bedroom with the intention to fall asleep...and since Baby Jesus was already born, I asked Cameron if he wanted to see what Baby Jesus brought him.  Cameron did NOT object and was more than thrilled that Sweet Little Baby Jesus got him some comfy Texas Longhorns lounge pants!  :)  By then, both he and I were wide awake and decided to open more presents...that's right...without our little girls!  We were too excited to wait hours and hours for them to wake up!  Hahaha!!!  :)

In Cameron's stocking, he found a Longhorns tie from Santa and in mine I found a GORGEOUS ring full of multi-colored diamonds!  Santa really outdid himself this year on my gifts!    Cameron then brought his gift to me from under the tree.  It was another beautiful piece of jewelry...a diamond bangle bracelet!  I shed some happy tears over the beautiful gifts, even though Cameron had warned me not to!  ;)

We finally went to bed for a few hours and woke up when we heard the girls begin to stir...

Hahaha!  We were surprised that they didn't have a more eager reaction at first, but they're still young and sleep still puts them in a groggy coma!  :)

Then we headed out to the living room to see what Santa brought:

The girls were finally wide awake and eager to open their presents!

THE TOY that Alegria had been begging Santa to bring her!!!

Odette's gift to Daddy:

Alegria's gift to Daddy that she purchased from the Penguin Shop at school all by herself!!!  A camouflage-colored pen that says "#1 Dad" on it!!!  It's Cameron's favorite pen in the whole wide world now!!! 

Alegria with all of her gifts:

Take 2...with her puzzle from Baby Jesus included!

Odette with all of her gifts, holding THE TOY that she'd wanted so badly for Santa to bring her:

Isis got some great gifts, too, though she also had a different reaction at first than we were expecting!  Lazy girl!!!  At least get out of bed!!!  Hahaha!!!

Isis: "Thank you, Alegria, for giving me the bone Baby Jesus brought for me!  I can't wait to dig in!"

Odette handing Isis a tire toy she got from Santa:

On her new bed, chewing on a yummy bone:

We forgot to have the girls check their stockings, so we went back to the living room for that:

You mean colored fake hair wasn't all you ever wanted, Alegria?

Odette: "Ooo!  Neat-o!  Fake colored braids to complement my flowing hair!  Just what I've always wanted!"

Cameron and his Christmas gifts: Longhorns beanie, Longhorns lounge pants, Alegria's pen, two new knives, accessories for his M4, and Rock 'Em Sock 'Em (we forgot to include his tie!)!

Getting the game ready to play!

Me and my gifts: Victoria's Secret makeup bag and accessories, earrings and necklace, bangle bracelet, ring, and charm bracelet!

Closeup of my jewelry:

Alegria purchased the pink "Mom" charm bracelet for me from the Penguin Shop at school all by herself!  How in the world did she know I love jewelry?!  ;)

While I made some cinnamon rolls for breakfast, the girls just kept right on enjoying their gifts:

And Cameron worked on teaching Odette the fine skills of "Hook 'Em!"

Alegria's a pro!

Our family got the game "Mouse Trap" from Santa, so Daddy and Alegria worked to put the game together so we could play:

Odette is obsessed with lip gloss and went to town on the ones Santa left for her in her stocking!

Note to self Santa: Odette is still too young for this.

Alegria decided she didn't want to wait as per my instructions until Odette was taking a nap OR to let me put the nail polish (from her stocking) on her myself:

Oh...and she didn't stop there...

...or even there!!!

Note to self SANTA!!!: Alegria is still too young for this...but THANK YOU for making it be those cheapy nail polishes that peel off easily like rubber/plastic!!!

Odette: "My preciousssss!"

Those are some big shoes to fill, Odette!

Alegria was SOOO happy when lunch time came and went and it was time for Odette to take a nap because she finally got to watercolor!

Sharing is great!

Cameron sporting all of his Longhorns attire!  I don't think he has enough...do you?  :)

Odette could use some more, too...

SOOO cute!!!

Gotta teach 'em young!!!

Our Christmas was GRRRRREAT!  We hope yours was, too!!!

...and to all a good night!!!

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