Monday, January 21, 2013

Store SCORE!!!

I had a coupon to my favorite store and was determined to use it, so I got myself and the girls ready this morning and off to the mall we went.

At Victoria's Secret, Alegria and Odette helped me pick out a tote which would serve as a new diaper bag. My current one's handles are about to give out!!!  I also got a new black t-shirt in XS since the one I already have is too big for me now (love my Shakeology!!!), and to top it all off, since I purchased two "Pink" items, I got two free earbuds (the day's promotion was a pair of free earbuds with a Pink purchase)!  And since I had a $40 coupon, I ended up getting $70 worth of stuff for FREE!!!  That's my kind of shopping!!!  Woo-hoo!!!  :)

After our little shopping trip, we went to the small play area and the girls had fun playing while I transferred the items from my old tote to my new one.

Odette waving "hi" to me:

Alegria joining in on the sliding fun, much to Odette's dismay, apparently:

Alegria waving "hi" to me:


After a while, we all started to get hungry, so we left the play area and went to the food court, where the girls insisted on sitting near all of the toys in that area.  While we waited for our lunch to be brought out to us, the girls played in the various mechanical toys...minus the mechanics because I had no quarters!!!

Yummy Chick-Fil-A!!!

Once their bellies were full, the girls played some more:

Couldn't quite get them to smile at the same time...

Back home, the girls got some mail from Grandma!

And got right to coloring!

After school and naps and a relaxing afternoon, it was finally time for bed and another countdown to Daddy's return:

Such cuties!!!  :)


My new tote, shirt, and earbuds!

Can you guess who picked the blue and who picked the pink?  :)

Good night everyone!!!  :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Odette the Stylist

Today we started church at 10 instead of 9, so I was able to sleep in until 8.  Nice!  :)

At church, I was able to see a couple of friends from Texas!!!  I knew Bethany and her family were in town because her husband is at Captain's Career Course right now, and I had a feeling I'd bump into them since our two congregations were combining today, but Amy, I did NOT know I was going to see!  She's apparently visiting Bethany for the long weekend!  It sure was a great surprise to see these Texas friends and to visit with them for a little bit after church!  :)

Back home, the girls had some lunch and then Odette and I took naps.  Alegria is adamant about not napping, so she quietly played on the computer for a little bit.

Odette eventually woke up and then woke me up.  I could have kept sleeping for a few more hours, but that was not going to happen!  Haha!  :)

The girls and I colored and then I made the girls some dinner.  Nothing fancy...a hot dog for Odette, a Fluffernutter sandwich for Alegria.

After dinner, we just hung out.  Alegria cut some more yarn and made a mess of it on the floor, and Odette played on the Nook:

Apparently, the flash is too bright and Alegria could not keep her eyes open for a picture!

At about 7, I got online to have a monthly video chat with my parents and siblings.  In Alegria's opinion, I was talking too loud, because she kept putting the volume up REALLY loud on the TV so she could hear her show better.  So I went to my bedroom to video conference with my family.

Odette followed me in there and started to brush my hair with her doll's hair brush.  I attempted to get pictures:

Finally, it was time for bed.  Alegria didn't think so (even though I'd already let the girls stay up waaaaay past their bedtime since tomorrow's a holiday!), but I eventually convinced her to also get her pajamas on.

Countdown time!!!  Only a few more days until Cameron comes home!!!  :)

Good night, y'all!!!  :)

Saturday, January 19, 2013


This morning we had a slow morning.  I only half-dressed Odette because her jeans were in the dryer.  I had her wear her slippers and she donned her hat on her own.  Perfect:

In the afternoon, after Odette's nap, we went to the Family Entertainment Center and met up with a few friends from Alegria's school class.  The kids played and we ladies chatted:

After about two hours, we left.  Odette started coughing and I knew I was out of cough syrup, so I needed to go buy some, as well as more allergy medicine for Alegria and me.

Since it was dinner time by the time we got to Walmart, we stopped in at the McDonald's inside and had a little bite to eat.

Odette showing me her Happy Meal toy:

I felt bad because Odette was starting to look and act a little sick again.  :(

Alegria kept staring at the Happy Meal toy selection.  She's recently a big fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and so I'd asked the cashier for that brand of toy, but it turns out they didn't even have any at their location!  False advertisement, right?!  :(  Alegria was a little disappointed that she had to settle for a Pokemon toy...(I "forced" her to smile!  Lol!)

Back home, I got Odette ready for bed.  She was SO ready to go to sleep!

Alegria trying to get her to smile bigger:

Odette went to sleep and then Alegria and I stayed up for about thirty minutes more, just her and me, watching some "Tom & Jerry" and cuddling on the couch.  Fun times!  :)

Have a good night everyone!!!  :)

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