Saturday, October 31, 2009


Boy, was Alegria hungry at lunch today! See how she fits her whole fist full of food in her mouth?

After having some scrambled eggs, Alegria entertains herself with the grapes from her fruit cocktail:

Tom Thumb, anyone?

Since we went to the Hail and Farewell yesterday night, I wasn't able to finish Cameron's cake. I had been planning on finishing it while he was gone to the Hail and Farewell so that when he returned we could cut it and celebrate. However, by the time we got home last night, Alegria was ready for bed and so were we, so the cake had to wait until today.

And here it is! It's an all-edible mostly fondant replica of an M1A2 Abrams MBT Tank! The wheels are made of mini oreos and the gun and wind sensor are Pirouline cookies/wafers. Oh, and Cameron is the tank commander of 4th (Green) Platoon, so his is the "first" tank...hence that explains the writing on the cake board and yesterday's entry title! Also, I had told Cameron what I was making for his cake and so Cameron was the one who found a picture for me to use to replicate as a cake and even requested that I write "F4" on the tank, meaning Fox Troop (Cameron's Troop) and 4th Platoon (Cameron's Platoon). In addition, he had me add the one black stripe on the gun because his tank, being the first (commanding) tank has one stripe (the second one has on and so forth).

At the last minute, I decided that I wanted to make the turret here's a video of the rotating turret:

I'm sad that I forgot take still pictures of Cameron with his cake, but we did get a video of us singing to him and him cutting it:

We all enjoyed some cake and then had a nice afternoon.

Alegria trying on my rose-colored glasses:

Alegria trying to find something to eat or play with in the fridge:

On a family outing to Wal-Mart, Alegria was given the choice of taking either Big Bear or Benny with her...and she chose both...again!

Finally it was time to go Trick-or-Treating! Here's Alegria with Daddy before going out in the neighborhood. I don't know why Alegria tends to not smile when she's in costume! She looks so cute!

We had a good amount of Trick-or-Treaters, but not as many as we had anticipated. We only gave out half of all the candy we had bought.

Cameron told me that Alegria didn't really ever get the concept down of Trick-or-Treating. She HAS gotten the concept down of candy tasting good, though! Here she is looking for the best of the candy she got:

She doesn't really understand unwrapping candy first, either...maybe next year. :)

Later on in the evening, while I baked a cake, Daddy watched some football and Alegria watched some "Baby Signing Time."

We had an EXCELLENT Halloween...because it was spent as a family. :)

Good night!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Cameron turned the BIG 3-0 today!!! And on top of that, it's his GOLDEN BIRTHDAY! 30 on the 30th!!! WOW!!! :) Unfortunately, even though Cameron didn't get home until 2am this morning after a whole week of being gone, he still had to go to work today. :( At least he got to sleep in until 8. :)

So Alegria and I hung out while we waited for Daddy to get home from work. Here's Alegria playing on the couch:

Later on, Cameron texted me to say that Alegria and I would be going to the Hail and Farewell tonight. Originally, we weren't going to go, but Cameron decided that since he hadn't seen us all week and he HAD to go, then he would bring us along. :)

A Hail and Farewell is an event where all of the officers get together to welcome newcomers and to say goodbye to those who will be leaving the unit. This Hail and Farewell happened to take place at a BBQ restaurant...hey, who doesn't love free BBQ? :)

Also, because it's the day before Halloween, the majority of officers and their wives who came to this event were in costume. One whole platoon came as Michael Jackson and his zombies from "Thriller" and they did a short rendition! Unfortunately, the sound system failed them and they had no music, or else I think it would have been pretty cool! :)

By the end of the night, Alegria was getting restless. Not only was it getting close to her bedtime, but it was also pretty boring to her. Daddy took her on a walk around the restaurant and while they were walking about, one of the chefs gave Alegria a little stuffed cow toy! She loves Benny (that's the name we gave him, after the cows that are pictured on Ben and Jerry's ice cream!)!

Our poor princess is pooped!

I couldn't let the evening go by without getting a family picture on Cameron's big 3-0! :)

When Daddy was putting Alegria to bed, he asked if she wanted Big Bear or Benny to go to bed with her...she chose both. :)

So that was our day...a very happy day! :)

HAPPY GOLDEN BIRTHDAY, BABY!!! Alegria and I love you very much and we are so blessed to have you in our lives. You're the best husband and father anyone could ever hope for, want, and have. For over five years now, since I first met you, you have been the light in my life. I can't imagine how I ever lived before you came along. Thank you for all you do for us, for the hard work and sacrifice to support us. Most especially, thank you for your love. Now that you're here, I'm forever happy, knowing that the blessings of our Temple marriage will transcend throughout all of Eternity. Knowing that makes all of the times away from you worth it...makes every one of our reunions that much more sweet! MMMUUUAAAHHH!!! <3<3<3

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Purse Cake

Just some pretty clouds I saw today:

Today I finished my third cake of the week...a purse cake! This was my first time making a fondant-covered cake and I was a bit nervous about it. However, it turned out to be easier than I thought. I was happy with the results, and so was my customer. She texted me later to tell me that the birthday girl and all of her friends loved it, too! YAY! :)

Since I'd never worked so extensively with fondant, it sure took me a while to put it all together. It was like playing with play-doh, but having to do it fast (enough) so that it wouldn't dry out. Most of all, the cake took time. I worked on the cake while Alegria and Jace would nap in the afternoons, and then last night after Alegria went to bed, I again worked on the cake, finishing at 4am! Then during Alegria's and Jace's nap today, I secured all of the pieces together on the cake and added a compact and key, which wasn't in my original plan. Anyway. :) Everything on this cake is edible, except for the string holding the "pearl" necklace together:

Once Jace was gone and the cake was picked up, Alegria and I had a snack. While I got her snack together, I let her write on a piece of paper. I'm so glad that her artistic side is coming through!

Then we played in her bedroom for a while. She LOVES to play on the rocking chair. Because she's still a little too short to climb up it herself, I taught her how to use her empty shape sorter as a step stool to get up. She sure is proud of herself now, every time she gets up on her own!

Recently, Alegria has decided that she doesn't want me to read to her anymore...she wants to do it herself! I haven't decided yet if that's a good thing or not, her wanting to be so independent. Sure, she'll read to herself, but what of other things...?

Here's Alegria signing "horse" while she "reads" her book "On the Farm:"

Now this one's funny... Not long ago, I bought Alegria a book called "Are You Ticklish?" In it, there are some rhymes and pictures of animals and a piece of each animal on the different pages has realistic "fur" or "skin" and when I used to read it to her, at the end of the rhyme when it asks if that animal is ticklish, it then says that yes, that animal is ticklish...and I would "tickle" the animal and say at the same time, "Tickle, tickle, tickle!" Well, here's Alegria's rendition of the same:

Tonight for dinner I made Alegria some scrambled eggs. I finally got her to eat scrambled eggs a couple of days ago...however, she'll only eat them if they're covered in cheese! My little mouse! Oh well! At least it's a change from her staple of shells and cheese and bologna!

On our way home from Post today, we picked up the mail. I made the mistake of opening a package addressed to Alegria right before she brushed her teeth. In it, there was a Halloween card and a Halloween book from Grandma and Grandpa Marlow. Well, she had a FIT when I wouldn't let her have it until she brushed her teeth, so brushing her teeth was quite the task today...usually she loves to brush her teeth! Finally, we got that done, though, and here Alegria is enjoying her new book (kissing it, too!):

Now she's ready to go to bed:

So today was a happy day! Not only did I have success at my first fondant-covered cake, but also, Cameron texted me to tell me that they'll be coming home tonight instead of tomorrow!!! At about 4, he called to ask me to bring him a Monster energy drink at about 6, so Alegria and I went to see Daddy. Unfortunately, Alegria fell asleep on our way to Post and she didn't get to see Daddy, but I'll get to see him again when he gets home! Well...technically it will be tomorrow since he said they'll be washing their tanks til about 2am, but still! :) I'm so happy (and tired, too)!!!

Now I'm off to bed...

Good night!!! :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Two More Days Left

Abilehi borrowed Andrea's witch costume so she could dress up for Story Time at the library today. What a cute witch!!! :)

Back home, Alegria found the best seat in the house! :)

Guard dog or hungry dog?

Picking flowers...or is it weeds?

Alegria signing "water

Back inside, Alegria carried her blankie and Big Bear around until bedtime. She's become very attached to these two objects:

Another day down without Daddy, two more to go.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween at Achievement Days

Today while Alegria and Jace napped, I finished the cake for Achievement Days. Here it is:

I used a few simple techniques for this cake that I will be teaching the girls tonight. I also only decorated half of the cake so that after learning the techniques, the girls can collectively finish decorating the other half!

Isis sleeping with her yellow ball, like it's her teddy or something!

Jace banged on the door and woke her up:

Alegria has recenty been using my mixing bowls as hats. I wonder if it's because in her "Baby Signing Time" video, she's learned the sign for "hat" and wants to wear one!

Abilehi came over to our house to babysit Alegria and Little Josh while Andrea and I went to Achievement Days. Andrea came over, dropped Josh off, and then she and I went to Church early to set up the room. Andrea did most of the work as I got into my Bride of Frankestein costume. I LOVED the lights!

I especially loved the way they made my cake look!

Ooo! Scary! A skull!!!

The girls had a really fun time and they did really well learning the few techniques I taught them. After helping to finish decorate the cake, they decorated their own cupcakes and then we got to eat the cake. YUM! :)

Back home, I just HAD to get a picture of Andrea! She's such an adorable witch! Not scary at all! :)

And sorry...I forgot to get a picture of me as the Bride of Frankenstein when we were at church, and to not scare Alegria, I took my hair down before getting home, so I couldn't get one back home. It was pretty funny, though...about three of the girls when they saw me said that I looked "so pretty!" I was supposed to be more morbid and gruesome than pretty! Oh well! One girl did say I freaked her out! :)

Second Halloween down, two more to go! :)

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