Wednesday, September 30, 2009

THAT Sleepy?!

Alegria and I try to go to volleyball every Wednesday morning. I forgot to ask Kim to leave Jace's car seat today, though, so we weren't going to go. Fortunately, my friend Andrea is very helpful and offered Little Josh's car seat, since Little Josh can still fit in his smaller, rear-facing seat. So Andrea saved the day and we were all able to go. :)

While the net was being set up, Alegria found a basketball to play with:

Back home, Jace was utterly exhausted. He fell asleep really fast!

Once he was in bed, I fed Alegria her lunch. She was utterly exhausted as well!

Once she napped, Alegria was bright-eyed and bushy tailed and into everything again!

When Daddy got home, we went to the back and played. :)

The moon's out already!

Then it was dinner and bed.

Good night!!! :)

Oh!!! I can't forget! Lorelehi's birthday is today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LORELEHI!!! We love you and hope to see you soon! :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Friend Jace

Even though Alegria has become an expert at climbing into her walker, she sometimes gets in turned the wrong is the result:

Anyway. :)

On another note, from today until the end of October, I'll be watching Jace, Kim's little boy. Kim's sister usually watches him, but she's due to have a baby in the next few days, so in order for her to get accustomed to being a mother without the added stress of watching a demanding 1-year-old at the same time, I'm taking over.

Jace is not a TOTAL stranger, he was at Alegria's birthday party on August 15th. He was the little boy whose diaper exploded when swimming in the kiddie pool, for those of you who read that entry. Well, today he came over and I was surprised at how well he took to us. :) He is a very happy and mellow kid. :) He and Alegria played all morning long until Jace went down for a nap. It was all fun!

Once Jace was in bed, Alegria had her lunch. Here she is with cream cheese all over her face! I don't know what it is, but Alegria has something against bread. I've tried wheat and enriched white and she doesn't like either...she always scrapes off whatever is on the bread! So now she just eats cheese all by itself...American cheese or cream cheese, it doesn't matter! No grilled cheese sandwiches for her because she won't eat them. Oh well. Maybe some day...

After lunch and a nap, Alegria and I met up with Andrea and Josh to get our flu shots taken. Both Alegria and Josh cried when they got pricked with the needle, but as soon as it was over, so were the waterworks. What brave kids! :)

On our way back from getting our shots, I stopped by City Hall to pick up some biodegradable lawn bags. Since City Hall is RIGHT next to the library, I decided that Alegria and I would go and say hi to Abilehi at work and just chill in the Children's Area before heading home. :)

WOW! Librarians are so nice! Look at how they give kisses! :)

Unfortunately, Alegria doesn't yet know the meaning of being quiet, so some days when she's particularly vocal, we can't stay too long. But it's always fun while it lasts! :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

To the Library with Daddy

Cameron had the day off today, so we got to do lots of things together as a family!

In the morning, we went to see Cyrus:

Alegria really enjoyed riding and patted Cyrus as they went:

In the riding corral, they have various objects with which to train young horses, one of them being a mailbox for them to stop at. Alegria checked the mail and there was a "letter!" Getting mail is fun!

We stopped by our house for Cameron to get cleaned up and then we all headed to the library for Story Time. Alegria is excited to show Daddy "her library!"

Alegria made a puppet cow today as a craft before Story Time began:

We had a fun time and then Alegria wanted to show Daddy the Children's Room at the library, one of her favorite places to go!

On our way home, a tired Alegria took her hairbow off:


Pretty sunset clouds:

Back home, Alegria was having fun with Daddy's phone. We've been trying to teach her to say "hello" on the phone, more than anything so that when Cameron's away, he'll be able to hear her voice. Every time we've tried previously to have her "talk" on the phone, all she ever does is stare at it and try to move away from it. Now, though, she's starting to warm up to the idea of "talking" on the phone and hopefully soon one day when I put the phone to her ear and Cameron's on the other line, she'll actually say "hello." :)

And that was our day! It's always fun when Daddy's home!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Strike a Pose!

What a cute Daddy and daughter pair holding hands as they go to Church!

After Alegria's nap today, I was finally able to get her to cooperate a little bit more while I took pictures. Of course, I had to hand over my phone...

After the phone got old, she kept wanting to play with Caesar, so I decided to try with him in the picture, too:

Then I used the column he sits on and I tried using a roll of ribbon to bait Alegria. It only worked for a very short time and not exactly how I'd hoped:

Will flowers intrigue her?

Apparently not.

Her rattle only made her come towards me...

...until I gave it to her, but it didn't produce a smile:

She needed a break:

And then I thought I'd maybe wave Big Bear over her head to get her to smile, making funny noises and having him "talk" to her. Well, as soon as I sat her down and then took him away, she cried, so I gave him back...

Awww! How sad! I wasn't going to keep him forever, Alegria!

Anyway. I tried accenting the red for the shots, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the red out of her face. I'll have to keep practicing to find the right balance on my camera for it to come out just right:

Luckily, I thought to use Marilyn, her white rabbit to bring a smile to her face and it worked (except that she kept her hand in her mouth and Big Bear in front of her. Oh well!):

This one's my favorite:

The end!

Hmmm...I'm going to have to be better at multi-tasking in order to get her to smile while I take the pictures...that or hire an assistant! :)

Well...practice makes perfect...and I sure need more practice! But it was fun! :)

Good night!

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