Sunday, February 24, 2013

Missed It!

Last night we went to the LDS website to find out what time church started this morning...but we were confused with the meeting times for the congregation that we're assigned to.  We decided to go with the later 11 am start time instead of the 8 o'clock...

Bad idea.

We got to church at about 11...but we saw a ton of people leaving.  So Cameron went in to check it out...

While he did so, I took a couple of pictures.  With my hair so short, I guess I kind of feel like I have to document the hairstyles that I like so I know what to go with another time!  :)

When Cameron came back out to the car, he said that our ward had, indeed, started at 8 am and that it ended at 11.  There was a different ward that had started at 10:30, but sacrament was already more than half over by the time Cameron came back out, and the next ward didn't meet until 4 pm!  So we decided to just head back home and have a spiritual lesson with our little family.

Snacks and Jesus stories:

After a nap, we just hung out.  Then we fed the girls some mac and cheese for dinner, YUM!

Once the girls had eaten, we headed to the Plaza with our meal vouchers for Cameron and I to have some dinner (Alegria and Odette didn't eat their dinner at the hotel restaurant last time, so we decided to just feed them in our room what we knew they'd eat before heading to dinner).

After dinner, we came back and just relaxed.  Odette played with my headband...don't you just love her new fashion ideas?  :)

Add to that Daddy's watch and she's quite the fashionista!  :)

She sure is cute!!!  :)

Tomorrow starts Cameron's 10 days of excited to be on vacation...again!!!  :)

Sweet dreams everyone!!!  :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

First Day at the Beach!!!

We finally ventured out to the beach today!!!  We decided to make our first visit be to Waikiki, specifically, Fort Derussy.  We found pay parking and stepped into a lush green oasis...

...that led to the beach.  When we got to the beach area, though, I decided that I didn't want tons of sand on me (we were not well-equipped...all we had were three hotel towels with us...not big enough to lay out on at the beach and be comfortable), and I'd noticed a grassy area near a sand pit on our way to the beach, so I made us go back to that grassy spot so that I could lay out and so that the girls could still play in the sand...mostly Odette because I knew Alegria would want to go to the actual beach and into the water with Daddy.  :)

Cameron promptly applied sunblock on the girls...thank goodness, too, because I don't like that job!  They move around too much!  Hahaha!  :)

Playing in the sand pit:

Daddy and Alegria on their way out to the water:

Alegria loves the water!!!

Alegria enjoying the water:

Odette, on the other hand, preferred to stay near me, playing in the sand:

Trying to tan while still keeping an eye on Odette and watching Alegria and Daddy enjoy the water:

I was starting to bake, so I went to dip my feet in the water and to see if Odette would like to join Alegria and Daddy:

Alegria was just having the time of her life!!!

Odette seems happy, too!  :)

After a little while, the girls decided to come out of the water.  What did they want to do?  Chase birds!

Back to the water's edge!

Odette was much happier watching from the shore:

And doing a little yoga!  Hahaha!

Alegria enjoyed going back and forth into and out of the water:

Views from the shoreline:

Digging a hole:

Apparently, there's too much sand on the beach...

After lunch at a Subway at the beach, Cameron and Alegria went to the Hale Koa Hotel to get our parking tickets validated and Odette and I went back to the car to wait for them.  Odette was extremely tired (it was nap time by then) and I had to carry her the whole way back:

Back at the hotel, after baths, it was nap time.  The beach and sun really wear one out!!!

I'll admit this now...I was upset this morning.  I didn't want to go to the beach.  Mainly because we'd originally decided to go to the Dole Plantation, SOOO I'd showered...and I HATE showering twice in one day and changing our plans to go to the beach meant I'd have to shower again once we got back (I know...I'm almost a cat!  MROWR!!! >^..^<), but as we were driving to the plantation, Cameron made a last-minute executive decision to go to the beach after all.  The sun was shining and we turned back to the hotel to get into our bathing suits and grab a couple of towels.  

Also, the last time I went to the beach was in Florida last Memorial Day weekend...but Cameron wasn't there and I had to watch both girls myself.  Odette had tripped in the sand and landed head-first in the water at the marina where we were playing and then hated the water and didn't want to go anywhere near the beach...and there was sooooo much sand everywhere even after washing them off at one of the makeshift showers and then after being tired from the sun's rays, I was alone to have to bathe the girls once back at our hotel...I was expecting the trip this time to mimic that one, except maybe not AS bad since Cameron was here this time...

Well...I was COMPLETELY wrong.  And...Cameron was right.  There.  I said it.  :)  Cameron.Was.Right!!!  I had tons of fun and so did the girls!!!  I can't wait to go again...but I'll make sure we're better prepared next time with a beach chair for me and sand toys for the girls!

Have a good night everyone!!!  :)

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