Monday, August 20, 2012

School Girl!!!

When I went to get Alegria and Odette this morning, Odette was still fast asleep...I guess she and Alegria were up late last night, talking the night away!  Haha!  :)

It wasn't long after that Odette woke up, we all got ready, and then we all went to Alegria's soccer class.  

I'm so glad that even though they run 3-4 laps first thing at every class, Alegria is always so happy about it!

After running, the children were told to skip around the gym.  Alegria had never really skipped before...can you tell?  ;)

Practicing head butts:

Practicing dribbling around cones:

At the end of class, they had a practice scrimmage where the object was to keep the ball away from the coaches and to not use their hands:

Odette waiting patiently and playing with her toys during Alegria's class:

The coaches are still trying really hard to teach the students to not use their hands...

Back home, while the girls played, I finished up a little gift for Alegria's teacher and her aide.  Every time I think of "the first day of school," I think of a child giving an apple to the teacher, and I wanted to be a part of that age-old tradition.  I don't really even know where that tradition originated, but even so, I wanted to put a modern twist to it.  So instead of having Alegria give her teachers an apple, I researched and found a craft idea online on how to make DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Tiny Apple Magnets.  They came out so cute, I wanted some for myself!

I had Alegria write "For You" on a little tag to give it an extra-innocent and purely from-the-heart feel:

After getting Alegria dressed in her school clothes and having a simple and nutritious lunch, we all went to see Alegria off to her first day of school at Dexter Elementary here on Fort Benning.

Alegria's teacher, Ms. Brobey, was so busy with all of her new little students coming in and getting settled, that I didn't really have a chance to talk to her.  But that was fine.  Alegria was so happy and excited to be at school that I didn't have a worry as I saw the huge smile on her face in her new classroom!

After giving the aide, Mrs. Ramsey, her gift, Alegria patiently sat on her carpet square and waited for Ms. Brobey to begin class.  And this is where I departed.  My little girl is suddenly so big and in school already!!!

Odette wanted to stay at school with Alegria and was extremely upset when we left...time for a nap!  :)

Back home, with Odette napping, it was so quiet in the house...

When I went to get Alegria from school, she was SOOO excited and couldn't wait to go back tomorrow!!!  :)  I'm so glad that she loves school!!!  :)

As soon as we picked Alegria up from school, we met Heather and her boys at her place, put the girls' car seats into their van, and went to Sam's Club.  I was in need of laminating sheets for a project for the girls' birthday party and they sell them in bulk at Sam's and for such a great price, and since Heather has a membership to Sam's, she offered to take me so I could get them!  

Unfortunately, when we got there, there were none on the shelf.  There were also no associates around to ask about them.  When we were done with our shopping, I went back to the office area and thankfully, there were two associates there...laughing it up.  I asked them for help and one of them followed me so that I could show him what I was looking for.  He took the label and went to the back to scan it to see if they had any in stock...and when he returned, he said that there were 12 in the store.  Buuuuut...he said that they hadn't been taken out of their boxes on the pallet yet and that it would "suck" to have to look for them and that it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack.  I went to where he was showing me the pallets and on the outside of the boxes you could clearly see the contents of the boxes: "Blue Ink, Binders, Black Ink," etc.  I asked if he couldn't just take a look around each side of the pallet and see if there was any box with writing that said, "Laminating Sheets" or something and he just kept repeating how much it would "suck."  Really?  Sorry to bother you in asking you to do your job!  Even his direct supervisor said that he could ask the night crew to unload pallets, but that it wasn't certain that they'd get to the pallets with the lamination sheets in them.  Mind you, there were FIVE men standing around listening to me as I was explaining this...they had a forklift with them...and not one of them was making an effort to push a button on the lift to get high up or get a ladder to get up to the top shelf and just read the outside of the boxes on the pallets.  UGH!!!

So we left.  I had really wanted to give them a piece of my mind, but I didn't and now I wish I had.  :(

Thankfully the kids were still in a good mood when we left.

By the time we got home, it was time for dinner.  

After dinner, we had Family Home Evening.  Cameron had prepared a lesson on the life of Jesus and the first part consisted in having the girls color scenes from the Savior's life:

After they were done coloring, Cameron explained the different scenes from Jesus's life and then they placed them on a poster board.

Now the girls are in bed.  Alegria is excited for school tomorrow and I couldn't ask for anything more!  It was a great first day of school!!!  :)

Good night everyone!!!  :)

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  1. I always love reading about your family Lehilina. You make me wish I was more like you as a mother.....


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