Monday, November 5, 2012

Oh Brother! Oh Sister!

No matter how many times we argued when we were growing up (and believe me...with three brothers and four sisters, there WAS arguing), I am ever so thankful to have my siblings in my life!  As quirky as we all may be, we've had so many fun times together (and continue to!)...and our just works!  When I was still living at home, I was so anxious to leave, to go to college, to start my own life, to become my own person and to not be referred to as just "one of the Berrios clan."  Now that I'm older, I see the beauty that is living near family.  My brothers and sisters make for great babysitters for my children!  Hahaha!!!  ;)  No, really, though.  That nice benefit aside, now that I'm older, I realize how much fun it truly is to live near be able to get together every now and then and just enjoy each other's company!  It was even more evident when Cameron was deployed, how nice it was to be near enough to family to just decide to drive a few hours to see them!  I wish I'd taken advantage of that more while we still lived in Texas.  :(  We're now close to moving very far away and it's sad to know we won't be a car drive away anymore.  BUT the thought of the day is how much I love my brothers and sisters and how thankful I am for each and every one of them!  They are each special and great in their own way!  I love you, Helaman, Lorelehi, Nefilinda, Abilehi, Ammon, Moroni, and Almalia!!!  :)


Today we had a different kind of morning.  For our upcoming move to Hawaii, there are so many different things that we need to prepare.  One of those things being Isis and all of her medical documentation.  

Hawaii is a rabies-free state, so they are extremely specific and strict on what has to be done for any pet coming onto the island.  I really should have started the process as soon as Cameron got his orders, but I didn't know how big of an issue it would be until a neighbor of ours told me.  Unfortunately, she didn't have accurate information on the procedures and ended up having to have her two cats in quarantine for two months when they arrived in Hawaii.  When they go pick their cats up in December, the quarantine lodging fee alone will be costing them $2,000!  And no, the Army does NOT pick up the tab on pets...even though they're part of people's families!


Today we took Isis to get her blood drawn.  She was so skittish!  She KNEW something was going on the moment I brought her out of the backyard and was beckoning for her to come to the Jeep.  She kept trying to run into the house from either the side door or the front door, or back to the fence-in backedyard, but the doors were all closed.  I eventually just picked her up and put her in the back of the Jeep myself.

We got to the veterinary clinic and didn't have to wait long until we were ushered into an examination room.  I thought, "Oh, how nice!  We'll be out of here in no time!"  Boy, was I wrong.  Apparently, their computers were down and so nothing could be done until they were up and running again.

Isis did pretty well while we waited:

Alegria and Odette?  Not so much:

One hour later...we were finally on our way home.  Now we wait until the blood sample is received in the laboratory (by Friday?)...and 120 days from then (March 8, 2013, I believe), Isis is cleared to go to Hawaii!  Small detail...WE'LL be in Hawaii by the beginning of January.  More planning to come...


Once home, we had lunch and then we headed to Alegria's school a little early so that the girls could play on the playground for a little while before Alegria had to go to class:

Alegria's teacher finally opened the doors and all of the pre-k kids went to class.  Odette and I moseyed on home for a much-needed nap!

Back home, there were two letters from Cameron waiting for us!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!  :)

We picked Alegria up at 3:30 and came home to a restful afternoon filled with coloring pictures that Daddy had drawn for the girls and sent them with his letters, and the girls drawing pictures to put into a care package for Daddy, too!

The end of the night came quickly and the girls, as usual, were excited to participate in our nightly countdown ritual:

Have a great night everyone!!!  :)

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