Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another Fun Day!

Our friends came with us today on our walk and to the park and we had lots of fun!

After our walk, we went to the library for story time.  We got there late, so we missed the singing time and story-book reading, but the girls really enjoyed making home-made maracas (rice in a paper bag that they got to color).  :)

Then we went to the Commissary.  I wanted to make some more Chickpea Chocolate Chip Cookies and needed more chocolate chips.  The first thing we did when we arrived at the store was go to the bakery.  Heather told me that they give free cookies to children, so the girls got a treat and Mommy got peace and quiet during our short shopping trip:

Back home, we had lunch and Odette had a nap, and when Daddy got home, he set up the sprinkler underneath the trampoline and he and Alegria cooled off like that:

Odette was NOT a fan:

The rest of the day went by pretty quickly and now it's bedtime.

Have a great night everyone!!!  :)

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