Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sisterly Love

As usual, we went on our walk and to the park this morning.  That was fun, as always:

Then we went to Walmart.  My Magic Bullet recently died and since smoothies are part of my everyday life and it had already been a few days since I'd had one and was going through withdrawals, I really needed to buy one.  This time I bought the 4-year warranty along with it.  We also bought a new bathing suit for Alegria.

Once home and after lunch and a nap for Odette, both girls decided it was too hot for clothes, stripped down, and continued playing:

Later on we enjoyed some time outside on the trampoline.  At one point, we all laid down and gazed up at the clouds.  Alegria told me this one looked like My Little Pony:

Sweet sisterly love:

And that was our Tuesday.

Good night!  :)

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