Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crazy Hair Day!!!

We met up with Heather and Ryan on our way to the playground today.  It was fun to hang out with them again!  Ever since Ethan and Alegria started pre-k and since Ethan is in the morning class and Alegria is in the afternoon class, it's been difficult to coordinate playing at the playground together.  But today we did and the kids really enjoyed themselves!  When Alegria and Odette saw Ryan, you could tell they'd missed their little friend!!!  :)

We parted ways and got on with our day.

It was crazy hair day at school...I guess Alegria's hair would have been crazier if I'd just left it alone instead of actually fixing it!  Hahaha!  But I decided to make an effort and here's what we got:

Right before we went to pick Alegria up, I noticed a caterpillar on the gas tank cover of our car.  We were running late, so I thought to myself that I'd take a picture of it if it was still on there when we got back.  And it still was:

When we got home, there was another animal that I noticed...this poor little giraffe:

Isis had apparently found it and was bored and decided to use it as a chew toy.  I showed it to Alegria and explained to her that this was one of the reasons why she needs to remember to pick up every single one of her toys.  Thankfully, Isis did not choke on the pieces she bit off, but also, now she no longer has a baby giraffe to play with.  I wonder if she learned her lesson...?

That evening, we had Heather and Ethan and Ryan over for dinner.  Colby was out of town for work, so I invited them over.  :)  After dinner, the kids   jumped on the trampoline for a little bit:

Notice how Odette didn't seem to gain her feet until the very end...!  Lol!!! :)

After our guests left, we still had lots of leftover dessert from dinner, so we took some over to a friend and STILL had some to spare!  YUMMY Oreo bites!!!  :)

It was late by the time we came home, so the girls got ready and went straight to bed.

Now it's my turn...

Good night!!!  :)

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