Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Little Faker!!!

I was too tired and decided that I will slowly get my sleeping habits in working order so that I can, starting next Monday, get my workouts in  early in the morning before getting the girls up...because you know you can't start a workout on a day other than a Monday...  ;)

We DID stay true to form and went on our walk again.  That, coupled in with jogs on my elliptical in the evening are a good start to working out again, I think.  :)

Anyway.  At the playground, we had lots of fun, as usual.  Odette likes me to swing her WAAAAAY up high on the swing...

...while Alegria likes me to push her low and slow:

Making a "birthday cake" and then singing to each other and "blowing out the candle."

On our way back home, I got a picture of the "Marshall House."  I can't tell you why it's important, I can't remember, but either way, here's a picture of it...just because I felt like taking it.  :)

I had to drop off Alegria's updated shot records today, so we went to her school early and went through the front office.  It didn't take us long, so we chilled for a bit in Alegria's classroom while we waited for her teacher to pick the kids up from the back entrance of the school and for the teaching assistant to pick other kids up from the bus.  Alegria and Odette had fun chasing each other on the alphabet rug:

Back home, I thought it would be nice if Odette and I napped together on my bed.  Yeah...that didn't happen.  Hahaha!  But it was ok.  Today was Alegria's short day at school (only an hour and 45 minutes of class), so for that time period, Odette and I snuggled and cuddled and tickled and were silly and just plain enjoyed some quality her and me time!  :)

She pretended to sleep at one point...but it would have been more believable if she'd closed her eyes!!!  The little faker!!!  HAHAHA!!!

When trying to nap didn't work, we tried to learn:

She found my Nook on my night stand and wanted to play games on it, so I let her...and when it was close to the time to go pick Alegria up and I had to change her diaper, it was so funny to see that she just went right on playing!  Hahaha!

Silly Baby!!!

Once we got home, I put Odette down for a nap.  This time she actually went to sleep.  :)

Mondays are my laundry days, but since yesterday I was not yet "back" to reality with it being our first day without Cameron, it wasn't until today that I did laundry...and I decided to have Alegria help me sort the laundry!  She did really well!  I need to have her help me more often!!!  :)

That's not my sock...it's hers!!!  Haha!  :)

While the laundry was washing, Alegria and I went to the back and I watched Alegria jump on the trampoline for a little while.  I guess I could have jumped with her, but the sensation of jumping on the trampoline just makes my bladder feel weird!  Maybe it's from having had two kids already...I don't know...

When Odette woke up, the girls each drew a picture for Daddy:

Another day without Daddy has passed and we're one day closer to having him back home with us!!!

I decided to let Odette mark the day off of the calendar on her own...

Good job, Odette!  :)

We love you, Daddy!!!  :)

Good night, All!  :)

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