Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ranger School: Day 0

Since Daddy was going to be heading off to Ranger School today, Odette insisted that Daddy get a checkup!

When she was satisfied that he was healthy as a horse, she gave him the "all clear" and we took a few pictures with Daddy and got some tight hugs to last us through Ranger School:

Then we played!

Daddy's friend showed up and we went outside to see Daddy off:

One more hug and kiss!!! 

Bye-bye, Daddy!!!  We miss you already!!!  Good luck and we'll see you soon!!!

And just like that, Daddy was gone for Day 0 of his Ranger School experience.  We'll be praying for him to stay healthy and strong and to do well!!!

After yelling, "Bye-bye, Daddy!  We love you!" even long after Daddy was gone, Alegria, Odette and I decided to stay outside.  It was a beautiful day!

Not long after that, our little friend, Camille, from across the street, came over to play:

Playing with the stones got a little boring after a while, so I ushered all three of the girls in and they had a fun time playing with Alegria and Odette's toys.

An hour passed quickly and Camille's dad came to get her.  I fed Allie and Odie some lunch and then put Odette down for a nap.  

While Odette napped, I brought out Alegria's water colors and she enjoyed painting for quite a while:

The rest of the night we just relaxed and played and colored. 

At the end of the night, we started counting down the days until Daddy comes home.  I had prepared a Homecoming Countdown Jar with 62 beads in it.  Alegria was the first to remove a bead from the jar and place it on a be made into a Homecoming Necklace to place around Daddy's neck on the day of his homecoming.

Odette was the first to cross off the day on our calendar.  I cheated a little...I helped her draw the "X" on today's date square, but I did have her point to the day to get a picture...

These cute girls sure do love each other and their Daddy!!!

The Homecoming Countdown Jar (with a picture of Daddy and his two angels on our hike in Providence Canyon), the Homecoming Ribbon Necklace, and our calendar:

I tied a yellow ribbon on the jar to symbolize our waiting for our beloved husband and father to return.

And now it's off to bed...

Good night everyone!!!

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