Monday, August 1, 2011

Enough With the Non-Blogging Already!

I'd like to say that today was a day worth blogging about for this new attempt at blogging daily...but it wasn't really.

I hardly slept last night because I was preparing a songbook for the Primary Stake Activity Days "Babysitting Bootcamp" that's taking place on August 13th and I had promised Sister Reed I would get her a booklet to practice the songs with by today, so I was determined to keep that promise...and that put me at getting to bed at 6:30 this morning.

Alegria woke up at 7:30 and Odette woke up at 8.  So I got about an hour of sleep.  I can sleep when I'm dead though, right?  At least I had gotten the songbook made for her and that was an accomplishment!  I was very happy with myself.

After getting the girls, I showered and got ready.  That woke me up a little. 

Then we had some breakfast and then I got the girls dressed. 

I had a Cub Scout Pack Committee meeting today at 10, so we 10:03.  Yeah.  I was running usual.

When we got to the church building, everyone was already there.  I took Alegria to the Primary room, where Brother Heikel, the Pack Leader, was having his 12-year old daughter watch any children that came.  I left Alegria there and kept Odette with me.  Alex, Ryan, and William Conte were there, and Alegria likes them, so she was fine.

Odette played with some toys while I listened to the goings-on of the meeting:

At one point, Alegria started crying that she "missed" me and Brother Heikel's daughter brought her to me.  Jacob Robey was in the meeting room with us and Alegria and he ran around and around, running after each other:

I thought the meeting would end after an hour, but I had never been to one of these and didn't know what to expect.  I've been the Unit Commissioner for our Cub Scout Pack for about 9 months now but I must admit, I have not been very up-to-speed in the cub scouting department.  I can hardly get myself to places on time, let alone keep up with everything that my calling of second counselor in the Stake Primary Presidency entails.  I really want to do better and today I was one step closer to doing being at the meeting and getting to learn a little more of the dynamics that the leaders in our pack share and finding out what activities are happening, etc.  It felt good to be there and doing part of my job.

It was almost noon by the time we ended the meeting.  I had to pick up toys, cracker crumbs, and round up the girls and then we finally headed home (after chatting a little with some of the ladies, of course!).  :)

Once home we sat down for lunch...cheese sticks and blueberries count as lunch, right?

Then Odette went down for a nap and I was SOOO ready for one myself.  Yesterday Alegria napped and didn't go to bed til 11 pm, so I really didn't want her napping today, so I put a movie in for her in hopes that she's watch it and stay awake. 

She asked me to hold her and we snuggled on the couch and for a moment I was afraid she would fall asleep...but luckily, she did not.  She was enthralled by the movie "Return to Neverland" and sat up and watched all of it while I dozed a little. 

Cameron and I texted back and forth a little bit and I'm always happy to do that, so I'd doze, then text, doze, then text.  Oh, I love him!  :)

Then Cameron called and both Alegria and I were excited to be able to talk to him!  By this time she had started watching "Tom and Jerry" and was happily telling Daddy about the show she was watching and telling him that she can't wait to see him and that she misses him.  :)

Then it was my turn and I got to talk to Cameron.  Soon we'll be able to talk face-to-face...I'm so excited!!!  :)

After talking to Cameron, Odette woke if on cue.  I told Alegria to go check to see if Odette was awake and she happily obliged.

I got Odette from her crib, brought her to the living room, and we all three chilled.

Here's Alegria giving Odette a "bottle" (an icing decorating tube...don't worry, there's no icing in it!):

It looked so tasty she had to try it herself:

After a quick dinner, I gave Odette a bath and she was in bed by 7:25.

I got Alegria bathed and all squeaky clean:

...and in bed by 9, but she asked me to "stay in here."  I have so much to do at night, but I just couldn't resist her plea.  Oh well.  What's another late night added to my arsenal of late nights?  So I stayed.  And I knew I'd fall asleep.  So did she. 

I had set my alarm, though, and luckily I didn't sleep through it.

I've now fed the dog and fish and am almost done watering the front lawn and tree.  I've emptied all of the trash cans in the house and have only the big garbage can left to set out on the curb for trash pick-up tomorrow...oh, and the dishes need to be taken out of the dishwasher and put away...oh, and I still have to work out.  Oh, and did I mention the clean laundry's not folded or put away?  And so much more...!

That said...I end this blog entry.

Good night everyone!  I hope y'all get more sleep than I do!!!  :)

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