Friday, August 5, 2011

Family Weekend!

It's been an eventful day!

Alegria, Odette, and I got up and walked from 8-9.
Alegria not wanting her picture taken:
Odette and me:
Then I showered and we had breakfast.
After breakfast, we played. Then I nursed Odette. Abilehi showed up, I gave the girls kisses, and I left.
I got to the salon right at 12:30 and Crystal started working on my hair right away:
She got the color wrong the first time, though, and had to redo it. Finally she cut it (I had her put layers in) and styled it and I loved it!!!

Back home, both girls were up (Odette had been napping while I was at the salon).
Odette: "What movie should we watch?"
Abilehi left and we played in Alegria's room a little. I tried to doze. That didn't happen.
So we went to Hobby Lobby to get some Wilton frosting that they hadn't had at Walmart when we were there yesterday.
There is no such thing as TOO BIG of a flower for my girls' hair!  ;)
Lorelehi met us there and we went home.
Alegria still did not want her picture taken!
Once home, Abilehi was already there and she'd made delicious low-fat turkey hot dogs for dinner. YUM!  Odette ate almost a whole hot dog all by herself! I cut it into tiny pieces for her. :) Then I nursed her, but she must have ate really well because she didn't nurse very long. Then I put her to bed.
After I got Odette in bed, Abilehi and Lorelehi made the guest beds while I cleaned the guest bathroom. Abilehi also cleaned up in the kitchen. 
Then we hung out in the master bedroom while we waited for the family to arrive.
Aunt Abilehi:
Alegria finally wanted to pose for pictures!

At about 9, my family showed up...and surprise, surprise, Helaman had come! So it was my parents, Helaman, Almalia, and my aunt, Tia Marina, and cousin, Monica.
Before even getting in the house, Monica asked if I had a dog and I told her that there was no dog in the house (she's deathly afraid of dogs).
My aunt had brought a ton of gifts for everyone. Jewelry for all of the girls, perfume for my mom, bed sheets for my dad, and a ton of clothes for both Alegria and Odette, as well as a doll for Alegria and name bracelets for each girl. :) My dad brought a lot of little stuffed animals for the girls, too. It was like Christmas all over again!!!
Alegria wearing my new jewelry:

After that we just talked, and talked, and talked!
Alegria was having trouble going to sleep with all of the commotion...not that the noise bothered her...but more that she wanted to be a part of it all!  She kept coming out of the master bedroom (my aunt and cousin are sleeping in Alegria's room and Alegria and Lorelehi are staying in the master bedroom with me) to ask for water or any other little thing.
Finally it was quiet in there and I found her crashed out on one of the pillows I use to keep her from falling off the bed...and her new doll was in Alegria's spot on her pillow and under her blanket!  Funny!
Now I'm going to get a couple of hours' sleep and then get up and work on the cakes.   Yeah.   Bad planning on my part.   They should have been done before my family got here, but oh well!  It will be fine!
Ready for bed...can't get enough of my hair!  I love it!  :)

Good night y'all!  :)

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