Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Handy Girl

I was determined to go on our walk this morning, so even though I didn't wake up at 6:30 to go walking from 7-8 like I'd planned, we still went...from 8:30-9:30.  Wow.  It was pretty warm out there...not that I couldn't handle it...but poor Alegria and Odette were both red-cheeked when we got home!

But that didn't dampen their mood! 

As we cooled off indoors in the comfort of the AC, Alegria tried putting my sunglasses on Odette:

But when that proved to not be Odette's favorite game to play, Alegria instead tried on my ankle weights:

And then the two of them played with the living room rug...Alegria hiding under it and Odette "finding" her!

Odette likes to hold objects in her mouth:

At lunch time, I gave Odette her first try of shells and cheese.  She seemed to enjoy them AND she even used her fork a bit!

Odette then went down for a nap. 

While she napped, I showered and got ready and then worked on some stuff for Alegria's birthday party.  Alegria sat on my lap and "helped" as I worked on the computer.  She got bored after a little while, though, and left to go play.

I got to chat online with Cameron for a short while, but then Odette woke up and I needed to go to Hobby Lobby, so Alegria and I said "Bye-bye Daddy!" to the computer, I got the diaper bag ready, and we left.

Hobby Lobby is a fun place to go!  There is so much to see and my mind starts racing as to what I can make with this or what I can make with that...*sigh*...if only I had the time and the resources to just craft away!  :)

Alegria and Odette did pretty well at Hobby Lobby...unfortunately, Hobby Lobby did not have everything I was in need of.  :(  So I'll have to go back later.  Their truck with more inventory gets there tomorrow, I was told, so now I have to decide whether I want to go back out there tomorrow...or wait til next week....hm...

We finally left and came home to have a simple dinner.  Lol!  Who am I kidding?  All of my dinners are simple!  Hahaha!  Whole wheat crackers, peanut butter, and banana smoothies?  I think so!  What?!  That was a complete meal!  Whole wheat crackers = whole grains, peanut butter = protein, banana smoothies = calcium (milk) and fruit/veggies (bananas).  What am I missing?  Ok, so there were no vegetables, but I got MOST of the five food groups!

At least Alegria enjoyed it and didn't complain about her dinner!

After dinner I got Odette into bed pretty quickly.  It was late when we got home, so she didn't get to bed until 7:50...about 20 minutes past her normal bed time. 

Then I relaxed for a few minutes:

...and then put together Alegria's elephant lamp...with Alegria's help, of course!

Alegria did a splendid job helping me put together her lamp.  She was very careful and meticulous and at the end, she was very excited that not only did she have her lamp back in her room, but also that she'd helped "make" it!  :)  What a handy little girl we have!!!  :)

Aunt Abilehi came for a short visit on her way home from a Primary Presidency meeting that she'd had earlier tonight in the area.  Alegria was excited to see her, as always, and kept asking her to read books to her.  Abilehi was more than happy to oblige.

Once Abilehi was gone, Alegria put her pajamas on, we cleaned up in her room, watched her "Daddy movie," sang songs, and she was asleep pretty fast.

Then I came here and have been working on various projects.  I've already nursed Odette once tonight and have gotten a couple of things printed off that I needed to get printed off.  I've also already written my daily email to Cameron and have uploaded pictures to Facebook so that he can see our little girls and what we did today.

Oh!  I forgot to mention...

Alegria is such a cute little girl, very helpful and observant.  Today as we were playing in the living room, I heard Alegria ask Odette: "What have in mouth, Odette?"  And then the next thing I knew, she was bringing me a slobbery toy ring that she'd been playing with before that Odette had gotten a hold of.  She's seen me "sweep" Odette's mouth before of objects and I guess she did the same!  As Alegria gave it to me she said, "It's yucky!  All sticky!"  Lol!  Good call, Alegria!  Then later, Alegria came up to me, handed me a book, and said, "Odette no chew on book."  Ah.  What a helpful girl.  I'm so thankful that she's observant, knows the rules of the house, and regulates Odette following them!  :)

And that's it, folks!

Good night!

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