Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Night with the Ladies

As I was getting dinner ready, Alegria built herself a house under her little table that I'd left out in the kitchen since we still have preschool on Friday and will be using it again.  I can never get enough of her cute smile and infectious laughter when I "find" her!

In the meantime, Odette had fun emptying my tupperware cabinet, thinking that was funny and would make me laugh, too...I must admit...her smile makes me laugh...she's so cute!!!

As soon as the girls were eating and happy, I gave them kisses and headed off to church a little earlier than the 7 o'clock event start time so that Abilehi, Amanda, and I could do one more run-through of the song before the program.

After our song practice, I set up a few crafts that I had brought to display along with other ladies' crafts, and then took pictures of the set-up.  The activity committee did a great job!

I brought in my advent calendar, Odette's letter "O" frame, a patriotic tutu, and a few hairbows to display:

Yummy treats!

Extras for hot cocoa after the show!  Mmm!

What a beautiful Nativity set!

The program was just as beautiful as the decor.  There were two ladies reading poetry and scriptures about the birth of Jesus and in between readings, they had musical numbers...all were wonderful!  I wish I had had enough memory on my memory card to record them all!

Abilehi and I sang a Spanish Christmas carol called "Estrella de Luz:"

When the program was all over, I asked a friend to take a picture of Abilehi and me (I couldn't decide which of these was better, so I included both!):

It was a fun night!

Sleep well, everyone!

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