Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Meeting Santa!!!

The annual Christmas-themed story time is always great!  They bring in one of Santa's helpers and she always does a great job!  You'd think she works there every day!!!  ;)

Here she's about to bring out Jack, the dog who never remembers what animal sound he's supposed to make!

Jack will moo like a cow, cluck like a chicken, baa like a sheep...he never gets it right the first two times and Abilehi has to ask the children if that's the sound a dog makes:

The children always chorus "No!" and Abilehi has to whisper in Jack's ear to try to get him to make the right sound for the audience:

Finally Jack got it right and we got to move on to the actual story-telling portion:

Once the stories and poems were all done and we were about to do the goodbye song...there was a slight interruption...and Santa showed up out of nowhere!!!

No one minded our interruption, though.  Santa read the children "Frosty the Snowman" first:

Alegria had been asking and asking to see Santa and would get so excited when we told her she'd be meeting him...but she didn't show much enthusiasm today...maybe once it became reality, she got shy...but at least she didn't cry and gladly got up on Santa's lap, even though she didn't speak at all to tell him what she wanted for Christmas!  Haha!

Odette, on the other hand, was frightened by Santa and when we tried to get a picture of her on his lap, she cried...as I thought she would.  One of the other moms at story time offered to take a picture of all three of us with him, though, so that was nice:

They each got a little present from Santa and quickly went to sit down to open it:

And of course, we just HAD to get a picture with Santa's helper, too!!!  :)

Craft time!!!

And a little puzzle time!!!

Back home, Odette found Daddy's hat and paraded around with it:

How about we try on your Santa hats, too?

Odette likes to take out her ponytails...crazy hair happens!

At bath time, Alegria took her ponytails out, too...but at bath time that's expected!  More crazy hair!  Haha!!!  (In this picture she was showing me that the front part of her hair was wet...she was so excited that she'd put the front of her face into the water all by herself!)

A close-up of her busted lip...she got hurt yesterday playing with the other kids at our lunch at Andrea's.  It's healing up nicely.  :)

Wow.  Don't tell her...but wow.  Those eyebrows.  I'll have to tactfully teach her in the future how to pluck...my poor baby got my unruly eyebrows!  Thank heavens for tweezers!!!  :)

Sweet dreams everyone!!!  :)

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