Friday, December 9, 2011


We don't get the paper, but at the library they do...and Abilehi let me know that Alegria and Odette were both in it today!  She kindly gave me the paper to keep.  Here are the scanned pictures:

Today was also preschool day!  Before using Alegria's white board again, I just had to get a picture of it...I had no idea if it was she or Cameron who drew the huge swirl, but it was an impressive watering hole for Alegria's jungle animals:

Today we learned the story of Saint "N"icholas, after which the children colored a picture of Saint "N"icholas with a "N"oodle beard.  The children love glue, so they had a fun time going crazy with it on their cardstock pictures!  I then spray-painted the noodles white and let them dry.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the finished products...they were pretty neat!

The shape of the week was a star, so for snack time, the children got to frost and decorate their own star sugar cookies.  They LOVED that!  And boy, was it a mess!  Haha!

One of the books that I had in the pile that Abilehi checked out for me from the library was called, "Draw Me A Star."  I ended up not using the book, but in case I did (the star drawing was great!), I had to make a small adjustment to one of the pages...for propriety's sake!

Once the children all left, I brought Odette out of her bedroom (she had NOT napped at all, but had been whining/talking to herself almost the entire time...luckily not loud enough to bother us...but I'm definitely going to have to think of something else for next time I teach seems Odette has stopped taking a morning nap).

Odette was more than happy to finally be out of her crib and to be able to play:

Daddy came home early from work and got lots of hugs and kisses:

Alegria discovered swinging from a door:

Trampoline Time!!!

Time to settle down by reading some books...

And finally it was bedtime...

Good night!  :)

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  1. Now that your children are famous I am proud to say that "I knew them when...."


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