Saturday, December 3, 2011

Meet and Greet

Cameron and the girls lounged around in their pajamas in the morning and just played while I got ready to go to a "Meet and Greet" event on post.  It was a "bling" party where you had to come wearing as much bling as you had...but mainly, it was a luncheon made with the purpose in mind to meet the new Squadron Commander's wife, Missie, and the new Squadron S4's wife, Jen, as well.  I didn't take my camera because I knew Kerri would be taking pictures, so the following are stolen from her blog about the event:

Jen is in the brown Cowboy boots and Missie is in the white shirt in the middle:

I won the prize for most bling!  I had diamonds all over my hair, which you can't tell from this picture...I also had a silver purse and silver shoes on as well as tons of silver bracelets and rings on (courtesy of Abilehi!):

The event was fun!  I visited with a lot of wonderful ladies, munched on some very delicious food, and went home with a cute ornament prize:

I had to leave early, though... 

When I got home, Cameron pretty much just tagged me in and I tagged him out...and he was on his way to go watch the Longhorns play some other college team whose name I can't remember.  Hook 'Em Horns!!!  :)

In the evening, Abilehi and Sadie came over for a short visit.  As soon as Alegria saw Sadie, she asked her if she could please play a frog game on Sadie's phone.  Sadie was very nice and let her:

Abilehi and Sadie didn't stay very long, though, and Alegria had to give up the I turned her and Odette's attention to coloring:

As I was getting dinner ready, I ran into Big Bear....I don't know what in the world Alegria was thinking when she did this:

After their bath, Daddy had returned home and we finally got to doing the advent calendar:

And that was our Saturday. 

The Longhorns won, by the way!  Woo-hoo!!!  :)

Have a great night everyone!  :)

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