Monday, December 5, 2011

Outside Lights

After preschool today (we had it on Monday this week as well to make up for a sick-day last week where we had to cancel preschool), we all went to Andrea's house for a lunch playdate.  It was wonderful, as always!  You never want to miss out on an invite from Andrea...she makes the yummiest food...and today was no exception...she went all out and it was scrumptious!!!

While we ate and visited in the living room, the children played.  Some were in Josh's room, and some stayed out in the living room with us...mostly the babies.  There were actually more ladies and their children than just us who do preschool.

Alegria kept coming back and forth...and at one point even went to sit on Sandy's lap!  Apparently, going to preschool has made Alegria become very comfortable with her much so that she didn't even ask "Miss Sandy" if she could sit on her lap...she just made room for herself right next to Chloe!!!

I kept Odette with Abilehi and me on the couch in the living room.  The older children can get a little rough at play and I didn't want her to get hurt on accident, so I kept her occupied with treats.  She kept wanting to go play with the everyone else and was a little upset at the situation:

Alegria was hoarding Josh's Bevo stuffed animals and carried them around with her, then would grab another toy or two and just bring them out to the living room to play with:

Finally it was time to go home.  As soon as we got home and Odette was free to roam, of course, her first inclination was to go for the tree...she's very intrigued by it and I ended up having to place the coffee table in front of it so that she won't touch anything and mess up the ribbon that's around it!

I then remembered that I wanted to get a picture of Odette in her faux-fur vest and put it back on her...she's too stinkin' cute, especially with those little furry boots!!!

She got upset when I put the hood up, though:

It was time for Odette's nap anyway, so I took off her little vest and put her to bed. 

While Odette slept, Alegria and I went outside and put a few Christmas lights up.  It turned out that the string of multi-colored lights was half burnt out, so there were very little twinkling on our front tree.  Oh least it's a little cheerier than nothing!!!  Alegria had been helping me at first, but it was bitterly cold today and she decided that it was too cold to be outside and opted to go inside into the warmth of the house to wait for me.  It didn't take too long for me to be done, thank goodness:

Once Odette woke up from her nap, we all played in Alegria's room:

Daddy got home and came to join us in Alegria's room, where Alegria asked him to draw a jungle and animals on her white board:

We finally got the girls to bed and I went to get a picture of the outside lights in the dark while Cameron took Isis for a walk:

When Cameron got back, he was freezing and since I was running the Auto Clean on the oven and it was very warm, he pretended it was a roaring fire and stood in front of it to warm up!  Hahaha!!!

And that was Monday.

Good night everyone!

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