Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jazzing Up The Christmas Tree

When we got home from church, I decided to use some of the girls' cookie cutters that they got from their advent calendar.  Since they both like cheese quesadillas, I chose to do a whole new spin on them and cut the tortilla and the cheese into fun Christmas shapes before heating in the microwave:


After lunch, Odette took a nap and as I was tidying up in Alegria's room, I found a cute Thanksgiving craft she'd made at preschool.  I'd been meaning to put it up in her room, but I still hadn't, so I took a picture of it and then hung it up...I know it's no longer Thanksgiving, but we should always be grateful and remember those things that we're thankful for, which in Alegria's case are:

Andrea Hawkins, who was her teacher on this particular week of preschool where she made this craft, told me that of all the children there, Alegria was actually the only one who when she was asked what she was grateful for, began saying things right away!  She didn't have to be prodded or given hints for things she was grateful for (except for Odette, I believe!  Lol!)  In the list of items, Alegria told Andrea "deer," which Andrea told me she was a little surprised I explained to her how Cameron had shot a deer and that when he'd been cutting up the meat, he kept telling Alegria how grateful we are that he was able to hunt the deer and that it will provide meat for us for a long time this year.  So I thought it was neat that she remembered that and added that to her list!!!  :)

Abilehi came over for dinner and afterwards, as we were sitting in the living room and I was telling her how we still need to buy new ornaments for our tree, a lightbulb went off in my head and I got a great idea on how to decorate our tree! 

So I enlisted Abilehi's help:

I have a large container of crystal decor in various shapes and sizes and I happen to have clear plastic cording and with Abilehi's help, we taped loops of cord to the backs of a plethora of these little crystals...and with the help of both Alegria and Odette, we placed them all over the tree:

Alegria even tried decorated her baby elephant with a few:

Odette got bored (and destructive) and began running amok:

I also happen to have a lot of leftover red ribbon from a wreath I'd made for Cameron's homecoming and I decided that it would look great wrapped around the tree!!!

All finished, our tree looks so much better now!!!

And now with the living room lights off!!!

Close-ups, with lights off and then on:

Finally at the end of the night, before Alegria and Odette went to bed, we again did our advent calendar.  In the spots where tins had already been taken, I replaced them with some of the non-used laminated wrapping paper circles and some of the holly and berry decor that was left, too:

It was, as always, a wonderful day!  :)

Good night!

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