Thursday, February 7, 2013

What a Pixie!!!

This morning was bleak and usual at this time of year in Montana.  But that did nothing to deter the girls from going outside.  Me, on the other had, preferred to stay inside in the warmth of the house.

Cameron helped the girls suit up and then they headed out to feed Grandpa's sheep since Grandpa is away at a conference until tomorrow:

While everyone else was outside (and Grandma was at work), I did 45 minutes on the elliptical.

When Daddy came back in with the girls, he played with them and kept them occupied while I finished my workout and then showered.

Then Cameron worked out and I played with Alegria while Odette took a nap.

Once nap time was over, we all got ready, I took a "before" picture, and then we headed out to the mall:

Cameron and the girls met up with Grandma while I went to my appointment at Regis at 2:30.

Step 1: CUT HAIR!!!

Step 2: DYE HAIR!!!

Step 3: Cut hair AGAIN and style!!!

I NEVER thought I'd get a pixie cut...but I LOVE it!!!  :)

For those who are wondering why I cut my hair, here's why: I had sooo many split ends!  I hadn't had my hair trimmed since Cameron returned from Iraq back in 2011.  On top of that, the humidity in Georgia was not helping.  I used to be able to put mousse in my hair, scrunch it, and then it would be beautiful and curly for about two or three days before I had to wash it again.  But for a little while now, it had been so bad that I would mousse it up and it would be pretty...for about an hour.  Then it would get frizzy and I would end up pulling it back.  I started to straighten it whenever I had the time, and that just added to the hair damage.  So when Cameron came home after months and months of training, I told him about my hair troubles and he said, "Why don't you just cut it all off?"  I was SHOCKED, to say the least!  I thought he only liked long hair, but he was open to my trying a short one!  I was sooo ready to try a pixie cut, that even as the process was going and I had traumatic images from a short haircut I had as a little girl and fears of looking like a boy, I didn't cry and just went with it!  

I feel sooo much better now with my short haircut!!!  :)  YAY for change!!! :)

On our way to dinner:

We met up with Grandma and Britney and McKell at Panda Buffet for some yummy Chinese.  Odette and McKell had a swell time jumping on the bench and kissing their reflections on the window:

After dinner, the girls were happy to throw pennies into the fountain and make some wishes:

Sweet little cousins:

What a great first full day in Montana with the fam!!!  :)

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