Monday, February 11, 2013

Anything for SHOES!!!

This would be our last full day in Montana and we couldn't leave without a visit to the Museum of the Rockies!

As always, the girls had tons of fun!!!

Learning to fish:

She does it her own way!

I loved the mural in the background!

Sometimes Odette's fishing line would get stuck on the otter's tail...hahaha!  :)

After a quick trip to the Museum Gift Shop, we met up with Grandma and Grandpa at Burger King, where the girls played until our food arrived:

Odette: "Alegriiiiiaaaaa!!!  Where aaaaare youuuuu?!?!?!"

There she is!!!

Grandma had called ahead and found out that Murdoch's had received newborn baby chicks just this morning!  Perfect timing!  Sooo...we headed over there after lunch to see them!!!

Petting a baby chick:

Alegria: "It's sooo soft!!!"

Cameron being the lookout in case any workers walk by...we weren't technically supposed to be petting the chicks...

We finally asked one of the employees if he would let the girls pet a baby chick and so then both girls were able to feel how soft the little chicks were:

Back home, Alegria helped Grandpa build a fire:

Later we just played and hung out.  Here's Alegria dressing up in an old armor costume of Cameron's:

Do NOT mess with her!!!  ;)

That evening we headed over to Bozeman Hot Springs.  Grandma and Grandpa watched by the side of the pools as we played in the water, along with Kellen, Britney, and McKell.  

We had a really nice time just relaxing in the warm pools.  The biggest pool was about 86 degrees, I think.  The smaller one was about 93 degrees (my favorite one!).  There was also a hot pool which was over 100 degrees...and adjacent to it was the cold one...a chilly 69 degrees! Alegria kept jumping between the two warmer pools and of course, Odette kept following wherever she went...which meant Cameron and I kept pool-hopping, too.  :)  I would have rather stayed in one pool the whole time, but the girls had their water wings on and found some body boards to play with and were having so much fun...they were like fish in water!  :)

And so was I...until Cameron decided to be a daredevil and go sit in the 69 degree pool...and dared me to do it, too!!!  I don't like cold water, so I declined...but then he made it interesting and dared me again, saying that if I did and sat in there for a WHOLE minute, that I could get a new pair of shoes.  Did I do it...?

HECK YEAH!!!  :)

I got out of the nice, warm pool and walked over...then dipped a toe in.  It.Was.FREEZING!!!  But I really wanted a new pair of shoes (what girl wouldn't?!) and so I JUMPED in!!!  And sat in the chilly water for a WHOLE minute.  There was a clock up in the wall next to the pool and I just kept watching those seconds tick by, my teeth chattering...until Cameron finally nodded his head that I could get out.  

WOW!  I can't believe I did that!

But for another pair of shoes I would have even jumped into the OUTSIDE pool!!!  Hahaha!!!  :)

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  1. That's hilarious! But there is a pair of boots I've got my eyes on, so I'd do the same! :)


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