Friday, February 22, 2013

N.E.X. Spells GREAT!!!

This morning, Cameron had to go back in to work, so the girls and I stayed at the hotel again.  It was a little rough.  I ended up having to put both girls in time out for fighting over a book, which resulted in a torn page:

Once Daddy got home, we took a trip to the Navy Exchange (NEX) and Commissary (Mall at Pearl Harbor) to get a few groceries.  The moment we walked in, we loved it!!!  :)

What a breathtaking ceiling!

We will never shop at the Commissary at Schofield Barracks again!  The one at the NEX is stocked much better!!!  We found everything we needed there!!!  :)

By the way, this is the "new" rental car we got.  We've named it "Orange Julius."  Cameron is embarrassed to drive around in it and can't wait to get our Jeep here!!!  Hahaha!!!  :)

Daddy bought the girls some new toys today at the NEX and as soon as we got to our hotel room, he helped Alegria put together her very first set of Legos!  (Thanks to Aunt Mandy's boys, she absolutely LOVES Legos now!!!)  :)

Daddy even showed Alegria how to follow instructions and after just one object that he put together to show her how, Alegria was able to put the rest together all by herself!!!

Odette was intrigued and set her new mermaid doll to the side to play with Alegria's Lego "Olivia" doll!  :)

While they did that, I got a picture of my new jewelry...there was a Sports Kiosk in the Mall and it happened to carry Longhorns stuff!!!  Woo-hoo!!!  :)  (Please excuse my was windy and got a little messed up while we were out!!!)

Oops!  You can't see my earrings in the above picture...

All set up and ready to play with!!!

And finally...Cameron got himself a Longhorns flag!!!  :)

Playing time!

Silly girl!!!

Playing horsie!

She's about to fall off...!!!

Odette's turn!  Let's see if she can do any better...

I don't think so...!!!

On our way home from dinner, Alegria noted that it was very dark and that the sun was no longer out.  By the time we got home, Odette was very concerned that the sun was still not out...

Alegria tried explaining things to her, with all the wisdom of her 4 years...but Odette didn't really want to hear it!!!  Hahaha!  :)

I told Odette that "The sun will come out, tomorrow...!"  :)

I hope she believed me.  Good night y'all!!!

Hook 'em!!!  ;)


  1. I am being VERY JEALOUS!!!!!! of your new home!

  2. not the hotel part...the Hawaii part :)


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