Thursday, February 21, 2013

Newcomer's Lunch

Today was a special treat...we got to go to work with Daddy for a Newcomer's Lunch!  

Waiting for lunch...

And waiting and waiting some more...

At one point, while one of the speakers was up talking, Cameron texted me, asking me if I really wanted to be there.  For a free lunch, I'd suffer through that, yes, I would.  :)

Eventually, we got a break and were able to go sign up for lots of free stuff at some sponsor tables outside.  I love free stuff, so I hit every single table I could get to before the break was over!  (Unfortunately, I didn't win anything.)

When we got back from break, there was more talking...

The girls were getting restless and hungry, so Cameron went outside to get the girls some cookies that they were handing out at the Commissary table.  

Finally, the talking stopped and families with children were allowed to go get lunch first.  Thank goodness!!!

Lunch was delicious!!!  :)

I thought that would be it...buuuuut...

There was even MORE talking after lunch.  Wow.

We ended up being there for FOUR hours!!!  Thankfully, I had thought ahead and brought the Nook with us, so the girls took turns playing on that.

After everything was done there, Cameron still had to go to two or three other offices to talk to people and turn stuff in, so the girls and I just went wherever he went and waited for him in the car:

After all of that, we went to a car rental place, where we picked up a "new" car at a cheaper price.  I drove that car and followed Cameron in our "old" car to the other dealership to turn that one back in.

Finally back in our hotel room, the girls got to unwind.  

Odette got a hold of Daddy's cap:

She got shy:

And they got to polish their nails again, since last night the bath water had removed their nail polish!

Toenails, too!!!

Oh!  She must have messed up a nail and had to re-do them!

We even let them jump on the bed!  They had been such good sports all of today that they deserved a little crazy time!!!

What a great ending to our busy day!!!  :)

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