Saturday, February 16, 2013

First Day in Hawaii!!!

We slept in this morning.  When we'd finally had our fill of sleep, it was nice to wake up knowing we wouldn't have to travel again for a looong time...not to mention lug our tons of bags and suitcases all around!!!  :)

Once we decided to get up and dressed, we went downstairs to breakfast at the hotel restaurant.  

Waiting for our meal to arrive:

Alegria wanted to go swimming and was sad to have to wait:

In the meantime, Cameron recreated the islands of Hawaii with sugar packets:

After a delicious breakfast (fresh fruit bowl for me!) paid for with food vouchers from the hotel (aka FREE!), we headed back up to our second-floor room and switched out to a room on the fourth floor.  Apparently, someone had already reserved the room we were in, but that was completely fine by me.  The room we have now is a little larger, has an actual closet with full-mirrored doors, and the doors on the TV cabinet actually we got the better end of the deal!  Haha!  :)

The view from our new hotel room:

Although it's not the greatest view, with a view of the highway, we still have some palm trees that are nice to look at...and the girls love that they can see the pool from our room!

Cameron took the shuttle to the airport and rented a car while the girls played and I organized our things to make our room feel a little more like home...which this will be for the next at LEAST month!  :)

When Cameron got back, we drove out to get our PO Box keys that we'd reserved online...only to find out that the post office that we'd got them at was closed.  Oh well.  At least we got to see a little bit of the island!

Back at the hotel room, we finally got suited up and headed out to the pool!

Now...I KNOW that I jumped into frigid waters in Montana for a WHOLE minute just this past Monday...but Cameron had promised me a new pair of shoes for doing that.  As nice as the water in this pool was still FREEZING (to my tastes) and I didn't last long in it.  Note to self: in February, the pools are still too cold to play least for me...and Odette!!!

Warming up:

I'm glad Alegria enjoyed herself, though!  :)

Even though we didn't do much today, it was still a GREAT first full day in Hawaii!!!  :)

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  1. What does your swimsuit look like? I can only see a little bit in the picture of you with Odette, but it looks pretty.


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