Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Goodbye Texas...

With almost everything packed up, there's no other place to have their last breakfast in our lovely Texas house than on our dining room floor:

All dressed up and ready for the long journey ahead of us...and watching Dumbo while Daddy and I load up the last of our stuff:


We were loading the last of our stuff and were ready to possibly have to stay in a hotel for about a week...we'd already made the reservations at a pet-friendly La Quinta for that long.  That morning, before boxing up our computer, we had checked the wait-list for our housing on-post at Fort Benning and we were still number 18 of 42 on that list.  Cameron and I were discussing the possibilities: should we get a storage unit, unpack everything, and then when we finally get a house on post, rent a Uhaul again, load everything up, and then unload it in our house?  Or should we just pay the extra daily charges and keep our stuff in the Uhaul truck so the only step we'd still have to do would be to unload everything once we got a house...hopefully in no more than a week?  At $45 a day for the truck, we were looking at quite a bit of change...on top of a week's worth of hotel stays...

The Lord truly blessed us, though, and as we were finishing up, we got a phone call from housing at Fort Benning saying that there was a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home waiting for us and they wanted to know when we could come by and see it!  We made an appointment for Friday morning and were told that after the appointment, we'd be able to move in by that afternoon!  What a miracle!!!  :)

Goodbye beautiful house full of memories!  We'll miss you and the wonderful home that you were to us these last three years!!!

Last stop before we hit the road:

Doralee was safely tucked in a box and surrounded by bibs and washcloths to make for as little of a bumpy ride as possible:

Nap time!

This was my view the whooooole way:

I was in dire need of this, especially once the girls fell asleep and I had no one to talk to:

I was sad that we never got pictures in a field of bluebonnets during our time in Texas and that this was the only time I'd have pictures of them that I myself had taken:

The scenery changed immediately upon entering Louisiana.  Welcome to the Swamplands!

Pit stop:

Almost there, girls...

We finally made it to our hotel.  We were all tired, but happy to be out of the car.  

Isis did well staying in her little corner of the hotel room:

Time for a late dinner:

Brushing teeth:

Alegria decided she wanted to sleep in the chair...I don't know why.  She could have shared a bed with Daddy.  Oh well!  

Tomorrow we are Georgia-bound!

Good night!!!

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