Tuesday, August 18, 2009

52 Week Old Tattle Tale!

It looks like Alegria is tattling on Abilehi in this picture:

Alegria: "She started it, Mommy!"

When Daddy got home, we all went outside to play with Isis...who is still a little too energetic for Alegria's tastes:

Cameron tries to get Alegria to pet Isis, but after the hit and run incident earlier, I don't know if he'll succeed!

Alegria is at the end of her first 52 weeks of life today! We are so blessed to have her in our family! She is such a sweet spirit and has the most beautiful personality! We love her so much!!! Here she is posing so well for her 52-week picture, wearing an outfit that her Grandma Marlow sent her for her birthday:

Then she wanted to help put everything away:

Did I mention that Alegria discovered her belly button?

Isn't she the smartest little girl you've ever seen?! :)

At the end of the night, Alegria had her bath.

Alegria: "I'd better shave my legs for my birthday tomorrow!"

She's growing up WAY too fast!!!

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