Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pancake Princess

Previously, because we'd been traveling so much and I didn't want to risk Alegria needing to go to the emergency room for a food allergy, I had kept her fed on breastmilk and baby food from jars...pretty safe stuff. Well, now that we're finally home for good, there are a few things that need to progress, her feeding habits being one of them. I would love for Alegria to begin eating the foods we eat. Not only will it be less expensive than buying baby food jars all the time, but it will also help to get her ready for (drum roll, please...) weaning.

Pancakes were on the menu this morning...and here's how it went:

Oh well...better luck next time!

On another note, Isis is getting more used to us, her new owners...Cameron in particular. Here she is, following him around as he mowed the lawn:

Alegria loved watching both Daddy and Isis from the back door. She also loved that I took her top off...the less clothes, the cooler it is!

Again, Isis shunned her sleeping mat to lie on her back between the porch wall and the sprinklers.

Silly dog!

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