Monday, August 24, 2009

New Gerber Baby?

This morning, Alegria and I spent some time in the front yard. We had Isis come out for a little while to play. We also had a snack. While we were out there, I got a few cute pictures of Alegria eating some Gerber snacks. I wanted to send them to Gerber because I think she's so cute, she'd be a perfect Gerber baby! However, on their website it says you have to go through a modeling agency for that. I was hoping to just email a picture of her to some big wig at Gerber, but they apparently have had too many people do that. Anyway. I believe the nearest agency is in Austin...and there's NO WAY I'm driving an hour and a half just for that. Too bad...the world will never know!

This is the picture I wanted to send to Gerber:

In the picture below, I asked her who Alegria is...and she pointed to herself! I wasn't able to capture it on video, unfortunately. :(

Here are a couple of videos that I DID get today:

In case you hadn't noticed from our blog, Alegria is pretty much the center of our lives. We love our Little One and she's already a supermodel in our eyes!!!

Oh! I almost forgot! Today Alegria learned how to feed HERSELF with a spoon!

Before today, I would hand Alegria the spoon full of food and she would put the spoon in her mouth to eat. Today, though, she actually got the food on her spoon all by herself and fed it to herself too! My, she's growing up!!!

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