Saturday, August 22, 2009

Temple Trip

We got up bright and early this morning to drive to San Antonio and be there by about 8 (it's about a 2-hour drive for us). We even had to wake Alegria up since she was still sleeping! So she traveled in her night gown and I kept her entertained, thinking she might just fall back asleep...but she didn't. Oh well.

We arrived at the Caldron household shortly after 8. Jessica and a couple of her boys were up already, waiting for us. We spent a little while visiting and getting Alegria acquainted with Jessica and her boys. If we hadn't said "goodbye" to Alegria before we left, I don't know if she would have noticed that we had left at all! She was having a great time being the center of attention and playing with so many new toys!

Cameron and I met up with my parents and went through the 9:30 endowment session at the San Antonio Temple. It was wonderful to be able to attend the Temple again! It had been so long since we'd been able to go, what with Alegria still being so young and all the traveling we'd done the first half of this year!

After the Temple, my parents, Moroni, Almalia and Cameron and I went to Whataburger, where Jessica met us to drop Alegria off so that my parents and siblings could see her and spend a little time with her. Unfortunately, she fell asleep in Jessica's car and was so tired she didn't even wake up at all during the transfer from the car seat to Cameron's arms, or throughout lunch! It was a shame, too, because not only did my family not get to interact with Alegria at all, but they had also got her two wonderful books for her birthday, which she wasn't able to enjoy at that moment for pictures!

After lunch, my family left and we went back to the Caldron's house to visit some more. It had been since December that we'd last seen them (too bad Troy wasn't there...we would have loved to see him)! Alegria was wide awake by then and found a big teddy bear to play with.

While at the Caldron's home, Cameron got to try out their Wii game system:

Because we don't own a Wii, Cameron got beat by a little kid at every game he tried!

Back home, we all relaxed the rest of the day...except for Alegria. I had her do the dusting:

What? You're going to tell me that those of you who have kids didn't have them for that purpose alone? To do all of the housework once they're old enough? ;)

Don't worry...I gave her a break before sending her off to do the mopping. :)

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