Monday, August 17, 2009

FHE Guests

We had the Hawkins over for dinner and FHE today. Little Josh brought his own high chair and after dinner, Alegria decided to try it on for looks like it's a perfect fit!

During FHE, Cameron quietly worked on adjusting his helmet:

And the kids played. :)

Alegria must have gotten this from her Daddy, because I sure don't stick my tongue out when I'm concentrating on something!

By the way, the onesie and skirt Alegria is wearing is an outfit that Jace gave her for her birthday! Cute, huh?

Cameron demonstrates his armor to us, showing us where his first aid kit is:

Alegria and her tongue sticking out again:

Cameron tried some of his gear on Alegria. It's hot in there and she's NOT happy!

That was our night!


  1. You know, Helamán was always sticking out his tongue when he was concentrating on things. Maybe it's from our side, after all.... :P

  2. Very true! I had forgotten that little tidbit...! :)


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