Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Alegria turned one today... *sigh* I can't believe it...a year ago today she was brand new and helpless, not able to do a single thing on her own other than cry, nurse, and sleep. Now, though, she's a toddler, walking around on her cute little legs, pointing at things she wants with her cute little finger, giving kisses (when she feels like it!) with her cute little lips...and so much more! And come to think of it...I've been with this little person every single day of her life! WOW! That's weird to think about...and cool too, though. :)

Today was a mostly ordinary day. Daddy was off at work when Alegria woke up, but he called as soon as he was able to so that he could wish her a Happy Birthday. :)

Alegria and I played outside in the cool breeze and shade for a little while in the morning. Today she wore another cute outfit that Grandma Marlow sent her and we played with the soccer ball that Little Josh gave her for her birthday.

At noon we went to see Daddy at work and had a yummy lunch at Charley's. Unfortunately, though, Daddy had to be back sooner that we'd anticipated, so lunch was very short today. But we got to see Daddy for a little bit, and that was GRRREAT!

When we got home, Alegria took a nap, after which Andrea and Little Josh came over for a visit and a swim. Little Josh gave Alegria some swimming diapers, so as you can see from the pictures, she is no longer the Queen Bee. :)

Alegria really loves the water!

And she discovered the elusiveness of spouting water!

Cool drink, anyone?

When Daddy got home from work, we went outside and played with Isis for a little bit. Cameron had to remind Isis not to jump on Alegria, though:

Finally it was dinner time. I made some chicken fettuccine alfredo. Alegria liked it and ate a good amount of it! She's doing so well at feeding herself!

After dinner it was time for cake! Yes, I just HAD to make another cake. We couldn't have NO cake on Alegria's actual birthday! This one was not as elaborate as the one we had for her birthday party. In fact, it was so hot when I frosted the cake that the frosting and lettering almost melted right off the cake, so it looks like a five-year old made it! Oh well. It was yummy!

I had Alegria wear her birthday tiara and wand again:

We sang "Happy Birthday" and I think Alegria caught on that we were singing to her this time. :)

She was still a little grossed out by the frosting this time, too:

In the end, she really did enjoy her cake. :)

Boy...what a mess!!!

Actually, the mess wasn't that bad. I was expecting much worse. :) And it was fun to see Alegria enjoy her birthday cake and eat it, too!

Today was a wonderful day...made all the more wonderful because Alegria is in our lives...for now and for all Eternity.


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  1. Hey Girl,

    Wow I can't believe it has been a year. I am so sorry I did not remember. I was getting ready to go to Boston then to see my sister Teddy get sealed in the temple (which by the way went great)!!! Alegria looks great and I can't wait to see more photos of the birthday party....I could not get Fernando's web site to work?? Plus you did not post a photo of your cake you made for the party!!! I want to see it!!! I hope to calll you soon...I miss you!


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