Friday, August 28, 2009

Captain Milkbeard

Alegria CRACKS me up!!! She has plenty of toys of her own, yet she prefers Isis's toys! We were outside today and I got a hilarious video of her taking away Isis's chew toy bone, Isis taking it back, Alegria taking it away again...and so on and so forth! I wish I had had my camera on me to get a better quality video than I did on my phone, but you can still see it well enough to enjoy Alegria's antics!

I finally got her away from Isis's toys and she was so sweet and went to pick a few flowers:

Then she decided she was thirsty and needed a drink!

At dinner, I let Alegria "graduate" to drinking milk out of her cup instead of just water. She did rather well and drank her milk with much gusto! Bravo, Captain Milkbeard!!! :)

One of Alegria's new favorite pasttimes is to throw herself onto piled-up pillows:

Alegria's tantrum face (I thought I'd get a picture of it for the record to show her later on in life):

I don't know if Alegria is cutting her molars or what, but she's been a little fussy today, so I soaked a washcloth and put it in the freezer. Here she is chewing on it:

That soothed her for a little while until Daddy came home to play. :)

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