Friday, July 31, 2009

A Pup Named Isis

Cameron has been wanting to get a today we did! When we were in Montana, Cameron really loved taking Callie, Kellen's dog, around when he'd go riding, and she's a blue heeler so he decided that a blue heeler would be the kind of dog to get. Luckily for us, there were two blue heeler pups left in a litter not far from where we live, so we jumped in the truck and headed out to see them. One of the puppies was extremely hyper and the other was more calm. We chose to take home the calmer one...and called her Isis. Just FYI, Isis is the name of an ancient Egyptian goddess...goddess of motherhood and fertility, wife of Osiris, god of the Afterlife.

Well, Cameron suggested taking Alegria, Isis, and me home and then going to get puppy supplies on his own, but I wanted to go shopping, too, so we stopped at PetSmart before heading home...BAD IDEA! Everything was fine at first. We went in and bought a dog collar, a leash, doggie bowls, food, and treats. Isis was quiet as can be. However, on our way home, I was holding Isis, but Alegria was getting fussy, so Cameron told me to hand Isis over to him so I could attend to Alegria. Well...I had been holding Isis on a towel, just in case she had an accident...BUT when I handed her over, I failed to hand over the towel along with her. Of COURSE, she vomited ALL OVER Cameron...TWICE, before I could get the towel sufficiently under her. It sure was an adventure getting our little pup!

In any case, here are pictures of Isis, our little pup (two months old):

Upon inspection of the backyard gate, Cameron found that the wood had become warped during the time we were away in Montana, so he had to make a few adjustments to it so that it could be opened and closed.

Alegria and Isis get acquainted:

Hopefully there won't be any resentment!

Before we went back inside, Cameron got Isis wet to cool her off on this hot Texas summer day:

Here we bought her a nice, soft mat to sleep on, and she prefers to sleep in the coiled-up water hose!

Welcome home, Isis, welcome home! :)

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