Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hellooooo Georgia!

Cameron got up and took Isis for a walk and this is how I found the girls:

First stop of the day...gas fill-up.  Isis hopped up in the driver's seat to see what the view looks like from her master's chair:

Everything was going great at this point...the girls were happily watching their movies as I was singing to some tunes on the radio...when all of a sudden at the top of a hilly highway, I saw Cameron pull over to the left lane.  I would have done the same, but as I looked over to the left, there was a car almost head-to-head by me in that very same lane, so I decided I'd just have to move over as soon as the car passed me.  Unfortunately, what I didn't know was that the reason Cameron had pulled off to the left was because there was a mattress lying in the middle of the road.  When I saw it, I looked over to my right to try to avoid it since I was blocked to the left, but I was boxed in and there was no other way to go than to try to drive over it...

We did not make it. 

I immediately went off to the right to where I saw a few men motioning over to me.  I assumed this was their mattress that I had, undoubtedly, just ruined.

I got out and Alegria and Odette were not happy to sit in the car with no air condition on as the men tried to remove the mattress from underneath the car:

First Cameron tried using our jack to elevate our car, but it was not big enough:

In the meantime, a police officer arrived to assess the situation:

It did not look promising:

One of the gentlemen happened to live nearby and said he had a bigger jack, so he went home to get it.  When he got back, the men tried again to elevate the car with this larger jack now:

It was still not big enough for the men to remove the mattress from under our car, so the policewoman called a towing service.

In the meantime, the girls and I stretched our legs a bit and Cameron brought Isis out as well:

Poor car!  I hope nothing was damaged underneath!

The tow truck finally arrived and the men were able to remove the mattress:

What a show, huh girls?

Two hours later, we were freed from the mattress and ready to get going again. 

As we were getting ready to depart, Cameron spoke with the owner of the mattress, who kept telling him that he felt really bad for what had happened.  He said that he had just bought the mattress for his brother, but when said brother was asked if the mattress was secured in the back of the truck, the brother had told him that it was...but it wasn't.  The brother had not tied the mattress down...and the man told us he felt terrible for not having checked it himself before they began their trip home.  He paid for the towing service himself and wanted to pay us for the trouble he put us through.  Cameron didn't want to accept anything, but the man said that he'd feel bad if he didn't give us something, so Cameron finally accepted $80, we said our goodbyes, and we were off on our separate with a hopefully still functioning AC and them with the remains of what could have been a really nice matttres: 

Unfortunately, that was not the end of the tough times on our very long and exhausting last day on the road.  Later that evening it rained so hard that I could hardly see a thing in front of us and so I slowed way down.  Cameron got really far ahead of us in the truck, but luckily, through communications on our walkie-talkies, we were able to keep in contact to make sure we always knew where the other one was.  I even had to turn off any and all music and movies at one point to be able to concentrate on the road.

Finally, we arrived at our hotel destination.  The girls were very happy to be out of the car...well, we all were...and it was nice that our hotel was a nice one, too...flat screen TV with cable, even!  :)

Cameron left to go on post and get a visitor's pass to get a jump-start in the morning...he didn't want to be late to his housing appointment at 9 am! 

And I'm here with the girls...ready to welcome sleep...

Good night!  :)

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  1. Wow, I hadn't realized how badly the mattress was messed up! Thank goodness there wasn't worse damage to the car!


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