Saturday, March 24, 2012

Truck: Fully Unloaded

The girls were still quiet by about 7:30 this morning, so I decided to go check on them and found them like this:

I guess it was colder at night than I'd anticipated and I felt bad that I'd had them wear their summer nightgowns and that I'd only given them their small blankets to cover up with instead of providing a larger, warm blanket.  Poor girls had to huddle up with each other to stay warm!  :(

Once they finally got up, the girls came out to the living room to watch some cartoons while I made breakfast. 

Odette still isn't at the age to sit through a whole show, so she began investigating all of the boxes of stuff lying around and came across my big red hat...isn't she just gorgeous?!  :)

Wow.  Gas burners.  Now THAT'S something I hadn't seen in a LONG time!

Since the girls have been sleeping so well in the same room/bed for these past few days of transition, I told Cameron that maybe we can have them start sharing a room and dedicate one room to just be a playroom.  He liked the idea and so that's what we're going to do.  Hopefully it works out! 

Coloring in the playroom:

Still a lot of work to be done:

The room closest to the master bedroom will now be the girls' shared be used only at nap time and bed time!  That means one less room to clean throughout the day!  :)

Cramped quarters:

The office: 

The girls' bathroom/guest bathroom is the only room in the house that's pretty much all set!

Odette taking her baby for a walk amongst the labyrinth that is our home!

By the end of the day, the truck was finally empty...with only one mishap to tell about!  My poor nightstand fell front-first as we were bringing it down on the dolly down the ramp and now is all scratched up in front.  Oh well.  Good thing we got a 5-year warranty on all of our bedroom furniture!  We'll definitely be using it!  Oh...and a music box that was in there broke, too.  Hopefully super glue will fix that!  :)

Now...where to put it all...?

Taking a break:

Our front-door neighbors invited us over for a BBQ they were having this afternoon.  We all had a nice time visiting and meeting new people.  Alegria and Odette especially enjoyed playing in their new friend's toy car:

After the BBQ and then some grocery shopping, we were back home and enjoying the sunny afternoon:

Some chores are never-ending:

Chain-link fences...hadn't seen those in years:

Back inside, Odette helped me clean cabinets and store tupperware and kitchen appliances:

At dinner, I had my first ever taste of sushi...bought at the Commisary:

I was not fond of the imitation crab and took it out of my sushi...but I could still taste it a little.  I wish they had had just an avocado and cucumber and cream cheese pack of sushi available...I think I may have liked it if I had had it sans crab from the very beginning:

Once the girls were in bed, Cameron and I had a mini-date night.  Some neighbors from across the street had been kind enough to bake us a homemade loaf of bread, so I made an olive oil dip and we dipped the yummy bread in it as we watched a movie and relaxed and thought no longer of unloading a truck and no longer of unpacking boxes...for now.

Now it's time for bed.

Good night!

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