Friday, March 23, 2012

On Post Housing

This morning Cameron woke up, walked Isis, brought us back some breakfast from the dining area, and then left to go to the housing appointment.  While he was gone, I dressed the girls and gave them a breakfast of champions:

It was raining outside and besides, we couldn't leave Isis by herself (hotel rules), so we all just chilled and watched some cartoons while we waited for Daddy to return:

Odette: "Mirror, Mirror on the wall...who is the fairest one and a half year old of all?"

Mirror: "T'would be thou if thou had'st left thine headband on, but as thou art, t'will be another until said piece you finally don."

Odette: "Shoot."

Trying on Daddy's gear:

When Daddy got back to the hotel, it was still raining and we couldn't move in until 1:30 pm anyway, so he got us some lunch and then we just chilled for the next little while:

1:30 finally rolled around and we rolled out!  Here is a very beautiful bridge that greeted us as we made our way into the Fort Benning military installation:

Proud signage:

I thought we were going to go right to our house and start moving in, but I guess there was still more paperwork to fill out.  The girls napped while we waited for Cameron to be done with all of the formalities:

When Alegria woke up, she thought this was our new house (it's the Housing Welcome Center, sorry!):

Drumroll, please!  This is our neighborhood/street...

And this is our "new Georgia house!!!"  (As Alegria calls it!)  :)

First to enter:

First to explore:

Master bathroom:

Master bedroom:

Bedroom 1:

Bedroom 2:

Bedroom 3:

Hallway (with two large/wide closets and one regular-sized one):

Guest/hallway bathroom:

Living room and dining room:

Kitchen/breakfast nook:

Mud/wash room (with veiw of the neighbor's house):

I had bought Isis a bed while Cameron was deployed so that she wouldn't have to sleep on the cold, hard ground, but after she tore it all up, I tossed it and she hadn't had one since.  Cameron bought her  a new one since she'll have to stay indoors until we can get a fence put took some coaxing for her to finally accept her bed:

She decided it was comfy:

Alegria got to choose her room first and took the one closest to the master bedroom:

Going for a walk on the front lawn:


We worked as much as we could between play time with the girls...and in the process met quite a few neighbors who stopped by to say hello and introduce themselves.  We may just like this on-post living thing.  :)

After all of our travels, it was nice for the girls to finally have a warm bath.  They were happy to get all cleaned up and to see their bath toys that had been put away for a few long days!

Once the girls were in bed, Cameron and I continued to unload the of the critical things to unload being our bedroom furniture...can't wait to sleep on our awesome new Tempurpedic bed!  Oh, how we've missed you!!!  :)

And that was our day!

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