Sunday, March 25, 2012

"New" Church

Odette was awake at 6:30 this morning, but Alegria was still their newly shared room:

The girls' room is pretty bare, but it serves its purpose...they sleep in there and get dressed in there and that's it.  We love it!  :)

On our way to our "new" church.  I called it our "new" church because when I told Alegria we were on our way to church, she started naming all of her friends in her Sunbeams class, so I had to explain to her that this is a "new" church in Georgia and that her friends had stayed in Texas and she wouldn't be seeing them today.  She was a little bummed, but she had no problem adjusting and making new friends.  :)

After lunch and a nap, the girls were happy to be outside for a little while:

Well, Odette was done with the tramp a little sooner than Alegria was:

Mommy's little girl...always happy to be in my arms:

Once they were done jumping on the trampoline, I caught this on video (Odette has started to really mimic everything Alegria does - Hahaha!):

And that was pretty much the extent of our day.  It was great!  Now time for bed!

Good night!  :)

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