Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our Fence is Up!

Marty, the Fence Guy, showed up today and installed our fence rather quickly.  I am so glad to now be able to let Isis out to do her business without having to leash her up and stay out there with her until she decides to go!

Odette, on the other hand, was not as happy.  She immediately tried to escape:

She finally realized that her escape attempts were futile and left the fence in peace:

We all came back inside and Odette read to Isis and Alegria while Alegria petted Isis:

The girls' imaginations running wild:

Playing in the playroom:

Daddy got home and had some fun jumping on the trampoline with the girls:

Odette made another run for it...

...but could not resist Alegria's pleas to stay with her.  Awww!  Gotta love sisterly hugs!

After a yummy dinner of shishkabobs, we walked over to a nearby park to play (I wish the pictures of Odette going down the slide hadn't come out blurry!  Her expression is priceless!):

Back home the girls still hadn't depleted all of their energy, so we stayed outside some more to get them tired and ready for bed.  Odette stole Daddy's sunglasses while he jumped on the trampoline with Alegria:

Tickle torture time!!!

What a fun day!!!  :)

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