Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Veterinarian Visit

Now that we're living on post, there are regulations that we just can't sidestep...one of those regulations being in regards to Isis.  In the past, Cameron has always vaccinated Isis on his own, but we never kept records of the shots he gave her, so we had to take Isis in to get her registered and for a whole set of everything.

Alegria was very concerned and upset that the veterinarian was hurting Isis...you can just see it in her eyes:

Isis did pretty well:

We even got her microchipped.  She DID jump off the examination table once, though...

...and in two weeks she needs to come in again for her boosters.  Poor puppy!

But, I'm happy to say that Isis is healthy and in tip-top shape...and that's always good news.  :)

G'night!  :)

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