Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Big Bed

When Alegria and I got up this morning, we found Isis still asleep...but in a funny position on the porch! That was about the most exciting thing of the morning. :)

After her nap, Alegria helped me cut up a watermelon.

Then Daddy came home and we had fun outside...

...until we went to the front and Alegria wanted to play in the truck bed! Well...it was fine and dandy at first, but then it got hot and we wanted to go inside and she was upset because she wanted to stay outside. Oh well...

Luckily, we were able to appease Alegria by telling her we could stay outside, but that we'd go play in the shade of the backyard and on the swingset!

Finally, though, there was no getting around the fact that I still had laundry to fold and other household duties to attend to, so we all came inside and Alegria entertained herself unfolding a shirt that I'd already folded...and putting it on:

Then we went to the guest bedroom and chilled there for a while. Alegria has discovered that she can pull the covers up on herself and it was so cute seeing her settle herself in! Once Odette gets old enough to sleep through the night, I'll put her in Alegria's crib and Alegria will take over the guest bedroom as her bedroom...so I'm glad she likes the big bed because it will soon enough be hers!

Here Alegria is signing to me that she's "sleeping!"

And that was our day! Have a good night! :)

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