Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Poor Dolly!

Had to get a picture of Alegria's Easter egg before she had it for a snack this morning!

I don't know what her obsession is, but she's always emptying out all of our DVD cases! I'm tired of cleaning this mess up, so I think we'll have to move them "one drawer higher."

Playing in an empty diaper box:

As Alegria was playing with her little girl baby doll this evening, the arm broke off (it was a cheap one we got at the Dollar General). She was visibly upset, pointing at the broken arm, putting her little hand up to her mouth in distress, and saying "Oh-oh!" So I quickly hid it from her as she was distracted while I got her ready for bed.

Luckily, Daddy was at mutual and so I quickly called him up and asked him to go buy another one on his way home. Daddy got home just in time! I was rocking Alegria and he walked in with the new doll in tow and handed it to her. Alegria was very happy...and somewhat confused, too! She kept looking at the arm that had been broken and then looking up at me with a quizzical glance as if to say, "I thought it was broken!" So I kept telling her that Daddy fixed her doll. Daddy...the man who does it all! :)

Once Alegria was in bed, I came out to find Cameron with the broken doll...and I don't know, it must just be a guy thing, but he proceeded to dismember the poor thing! (I won't post that picture for those who are faint of heart!) To throw it away would have been sufficient, I think, but I guess...when would he have the opportunity to do something like that again? Oh well! Boys will be boys!

Good night! :)

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  1. I see on your Twitter update - you made homemade granola! Post the recipe if you have time.


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