Friday, April 16, 2010

Singing Sisters

This morning, Alegria looked so cute putting her little purple bear in her taggie blanket! What a sweet little girl! She's going to be a great big sister! :)

In the evening, I met up with Abilehi and Sister Black again to practice our song. It went rather well, so I got a video:

Then home again I went...

The day would have been a perfect, non-eventful, but relaxing day, however; on my way to the song practice, I had ruined our car door. See...recently, because our garage door opener has been on strike and I have to get out to close it after pulling out of the garage and Alegria tends to scream when she think's I'm leaving her in the car when I've already got her strapped in, I've been leaving the car door open, putting Alegria on my lap, then pulling out of the garage and then just hopping out to close the garage door. Then I'd put Alegria in her car seat and we'd be on our way.

Well, out of habit, I did my normal routine of opening the garage door manually, then hopping in while leaving my driver side door open, then backing out...

Buuuuut...I forgot that since Cameron was home and staying with Alegria so I could go to my song practice, that meant that Felix (Cameron's truck) was in the driveway. I had fair warning...I hadn't even opened the garage door all the way up, so when I first started pulling out, the antenna on the back of the car started jiggling. I didn't think to even look back there and make sure that the rest of the car would clear the door. I should have...then I would have remembered the truck...

But I didn't. I thought I had all the room in the world to back out of the garage, when all of a sudden I heard a horrible grinding noise and the car wasn't moving! My first thought was that I'd backed into and broken the garage door! But then I realized what was going on, looked back and was horrified to see the truck blocking my view...and the car door being pushed in an awkward angle off of Felix's fender! So I quickly moved back into the garage and immediately turned the car off, got out, assessed the damage, and ran inside to tell Cameron I'd did something really stupid!

Cameron followed me out to the garage and that's when I broke down crying! Not only had I just gotten a speeding ticket only a few weeks ago that I had just paid off, but now I had ruined our car door! Why, oh why did I have to add on these other expenses that we just don't need?!

Cameron assessed the damage...nothing but a scratch to Felix, and the car door still closes, but it's got a huge dent in it and in order to close it correctly, you have to lift it up, then push it in. Cameron was very good about it, though, and to lift my spirits, he jokingly said, "You just won't be allowed to drive anymore when pregnant!"

Anyway. That was the big drama of the day. I was so upset, I didn't take pictures of the damage. Maybe tomorrow I will, I don't know. I'm ashamed at myself for doing something so dumb!

Needless to say, I drove the truck to the song practice and drove extremely carefully so as not to crash that vehicle, too. :(

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  1. What a beautiful duet. You both sound like angels. The sound was so awe-inspiring I had to play it over twice! Sorry about the truck incident. Accidents happen. Glad you're okay.
    Ali & Chris
    RAF England


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