Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh Boy!

We went to playgroup this morning at Amanda's. Since she just had Mollie on March 21st, she has all of this neat little baby gear around her house...and Alegria was very excited to try it know, to ensure it was all baby-safe!

And she even practiced playing "Mommy" with the doll she gave Lacey for Lacey's birthday!

Sleepy baby!

Mischievous baby!

What's with stealing the pacifiers, Alegria?! You never liked them...why start now?! You're too big of a girl now!!! Oh boy! I sure hope you don't get jealous when we get all of your little baby gear out as well as the pacifiers and bottles and Odette is using them...!!!

That afternoon, Abilehi had come over during her dinner break and it was raining quite a bit. When I walked her to the front door and I was saying goodbye...I noticed a swastika on her car window! She didn't even know it was there! Did someone do that or was that the rain playing tricks on us?! Ooo-eee!!! Freaky!

That's all folks!

Bye! :)

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