Friday, April 23, 2010

Cleaning Baby for Hire!

Since Alegria enjoyed playing with the decorations so much yesterday, I left them up for her to enjoy a bit longer. And I was right. First thing this morning, she pulled out all of the pink pacifiers from the centerpiece, sucked on one while she played with the others and also played with the curling ribbon:

After breakfast, Alegria helped me sweep the floor:

Alegria is so good at sharing her drinks and food with Big Bear! Hopefully she'll be great at sharing with Odette, too! :)

We had a Hail and Farewell to go to this evening, so we went to meet Daddy at work at the end of the day so we could go to the Hail and Farewell together...and lo and behold, what did Alegria want to do when we got there? Sweep! :) Since she loves it so much, I should have her go out and clean houses to bring in some extra spending cash!!! :)

At the Hail and Farewell:

Back home, Alegria decided Big Bear needed a "bath:"

That's all folks! Good night! :)

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